The benefits of having a Self Storage unit far outweighs any possible negatives, and once you get a quote, you will be surprised how affordable a StoreLocal Campbellfield Self Storage unit really is.

When it comes to Self Storage, planning is paramount, and it is not just the planning to get a storage unit, and the moving to and from the Self Storage facility, there is many things you should keep in mind during the StoreLocal Campbellfield Self Storage process.

Packing your belongings is key for the protection and care of your property whilst in storage, and at StoreLocal Campbellfield Self Storage, we sell all kinds of packing materials, including bubble wrap, boxes and tape.

You will also need to keep an inventory of what you’re storing, as this will make it easier to access and find items at a later stage. So mark your boxes clearly, and keep an electronic list on your mobile phone.

Basic packing tips still apply, so pack heavy items such as books in smaller boxes, and the lighter items in the big boxes. Keep the items you might want to access regularly towards the front of the StoreLocal Campbellfield Self Storage unit, and place the heavy items at the bottom, and the lighter boxes on top.

Clearly mark items that are fragile, so that if you send someone else to collect items, they are aware of the risks within. Also, it is best to individually wrap glasses, plates and other breakables.

A good tip is to seal off boxes with packing tape. Simply tape around all the edges, and you will keep dust and critters from entering the packed up property.

Use wardrobe boxes to store clothing, as they allow you to hang clothing on the hangers, and make it easy to transport and protect your clothes.

Break down your furniture as much as you can, as this will make it easier to carry and store, and will protect them from breakage and scuffing.

For more advice on how to pack a StoreLocal Campbellfield Self Storage unit, speak to the team at StoreLocal Campbellfield, we know Self Storage.