What Is Self Storage

Self Storage has grown to a multi-billion dollar business worldwide; from humble Australasian beginnings in Western Sydney in the late 70’s, Self Storage sites businesses are just about everywhere!

But what goes on behind those big fortress styled walls or big roller doors?

Self Storage or Mini Storage as some call it, is personal or business Storage in various sizes. Usually, a steel partitioned box, with a secure door the average size about 10 square metres or half a garage. These spaces cost anywhere from $150 – $250 a month, depending on location.

Sizes range from lockers right up to commercial size spaces, often 3 metres wide and up to 12 metres deep.

Some have lots of headroom but typically about 2.5 metres high. Self Storage spaces are available by way of an “agreement” or licence to use the space.

Self Storage offers a flexible Storage agreement not offered by traditional commercial lease agreements. Storers can upsize and downsize to suit their storage needs and as the terms is flexible, Storage costs can remain only for the term needed.

Storage spaces can be booked online or you can phone in and speak to the friendly staff who will assist with your Storage requirements.

Items that are flammable or dangerous cannot be stored. Animals, plants and people are a no no!

Typically, Storers move their own goods into their booked space and if need be removalists can undertake this task for you


Self Storage Case Study

Here’s Jake’s story which could very well be a valuable lesson to all of us:

When the thought first crossed my mind, it seemed like the best thing to do; store my stuff at a friend’s place to save some pocket money. So I decided to move in with some of my friends from school. At the time, I had a couple of things like my bed, an Xbox, a 42 inch plasma, my laptop, games, some old school stuff and my kayak. All of this pretty much fit in my room. When I told my dad about the plan he gave me the green light but insisted I get home contents insurance. I thought to myself ‘nah, I don’t need that’. Boy, was I wrong.

After a Saturday night out with the guys, I came home in the wee hours of Sunday to an empty room. Nothing but the towel I used for my morning shower was left in my bedroom. While we were out having a good time, someone else was having an even better one with MY stuff!

The robber turned out to be a drug addict “friend” of one of the guys I was staying with. He sold all of my stuff the very next day for quick cash to pay off debts and buy more drugs.

He took everything I owned including the camping gear that I had spent precious time and money on building up in the garage. Oddly enough, none of my roommates’ stuff was stolen, it was just mine. He ransacked their stuff but didn’t take anything. Since this whole episode I don’t really get along with my roommates anymore and I’m still kicking myself for not listening to my dad.

There might be many of you out there who can relate to Jake’s story. It was just a matter of taking his dad’s advice and insuring his belongings and he probably would have still had a bed!

If you have any doubts about the safety of your precious belongings, you can always turn to our Self Storage to ensure that they never go missing or fall into the wrong hands.

We even offer insurance for your valuables at very low premiums. Our insurance covers any loss or damage to your property so you can be more comfortable knowing that your goods are in the right hands.

Although you save money when storing with family, friends or roommates, you also run the risk of damage to your belongings or even worse, loss. Using Self Storage Newmarket will only cost you a fraction of the amount you’ll incur should your stuff get damaged or stolen.

Even if you opt for household cover, bear in mind that it only provides limited security. With our Self Storages Newmarket spaces you can rest assured that your valuables are safe and secure at all times. What’s more, it is a much cheaper alternative to household coverage.

To find out more about our storage facilities, call us today and tell us what your storage needs are.

How To Pick a Facility

Did you know that Australia has more than 1,000 self storage facilities? It is clear that there is demand for a secure place for storing our valuables, which may include that unique antique dresser you inherited from your grandma, or that toy car collection you treasure.

So, what are some of the primary features that need to be taken into consideration when selecting a perfect and suitable self storage facility?

Clean as a whistle

To have an idea of the general cleanliness of a place, check out the state of the storage facility’s office. It is vital for the office to be dust-free, have a squeaky clean floor, immaculate bathrooms as well as a neatly dressed and well-groomed manager. Such floors and bathrooms are a sure way to repel mice and other pests that might feast on your items. A spotless office is a clear indication of a well-maintained facility. It also gives a sign that the staff can be trusted to take good care of their client’s belongings.

Available space

A perfect self storage facility needs to have adequate space to store a tenant’s belongings. To determine the amount of storage space needed:

– Organise all items that need to be stored

– Having an inventory record is advisable

– Use a measuring tape to check height and length of all boxes and objects

– Decide on the manner in which the items and boxes will be piled

– Fit your items into different unit sizes offered by a storage facility.

Outstanding customer service

The initial contact with a storage facility may be via phone, in person or via email, and gives a hint on their rapport with customers. The manner in which a reliable and professional manager addresses customers should be friendly, with a keen interest in servicing your needs. Additionally, all the questions asked need to be responded to in a thorough and efficient way. The inability to give clear answers as well as disorganisation, are red flags to check out for. After all, who wants to deal with a rude and unfriendly manager? We all need a sense of security and surety that our valued possessions are in good hands.

No bugs

No one wants to get their belongings damaged by pesky pests at a self storage facility. It is therefore critical for a self storage facility to have contracts with pest control professionals who make regular visits. Pests have been known to cause tremendous destruction to valuable items. For instance, boxes containing household goods can be invaded by roaches. Rats on the other hand may make a meal out of wood furniture in addition to urinating and defecating in units. They are clearly nasty creatures that need to be kept from your unit.

Safety measures

I am sure you do not want your items to get nicked at the end of the day. So, ensure that the self storage facility you choose, have their priorities set on security. There should be a gate with computerised access, good lighting and security cameras. The presence of on-site manager also helps since he/she can monitor the activities going around the facility.

Basically, the one-size-fits-all rule is not applicable when choosing a self storage facility. Choose a facility that is located near your home, gives you peace-of-mind, and deliver the service you demand.

StoreLocal Newmarket offers pest free, state of the art storage facilities with advanced security measures and excellent service. We are conveniently located on Finsbury Street in Newmarket, making us the ideal storage provider for city dwellers and those living in the northern suburbs. Call us today at (07) 3352 7454, and we’ll get you the space you need.


What Can You Store in Newmarket

Whatever your personal storage needs, the chances are you’ll find a solution in self-storage. The self-storage industry has seen a boom over the past few years as individuals and families realise that this is a cheaper and more flexible solution than traditional storage.

If you talk to self-storage companies, you’ll hear a wealth of stories about the odd and very personal things that people store and why. Most self-storage facilities will boast that they’ll store anything, for any reason – no questions asked. Obviously, there are some items that self-storage facilities cannot legally store and it’s wise to check with the company first if you are unsure about what they will accept.

There are hundreds of reasons why people opt for self-storage for personal use, the most common of which include:

  • To simply free up space in your home.
  • As a store for all or part of your personal possessions while you move house or are between houses.
  • When moving from a large home to a smaller one.
  • To keep personal clutter out of your home while you are trying to sell it.
  • To help with space as a family expands.
  • To keep valuable and personal items secure while taking an extended holiday if you’re renting out your home whilst away.
  • To keep collections and memorabilia in one place.
  • To store seasonal items such as garden furniture or tools if you don’t have a dry place or space to keep them at home.
  • To store clothes on a seasonal basis – i.e. your winter wardrobe is in storage in summer and changed for your summer wardrobe in winter.
  • As a storage space for recreational vehicles when not in use – these can include boats, motor homes, caravans, motorcycles and cars.
  • For students to store their personal possessions during holiday periods when they have to move off campus. Students also take up self-storage units after graduation before they decide where they will ultimately move.
  • As temporary storage for personal items whilst decorating.
  • To store sports equipment and bulky leisure items such as surfboards or windsurfers, either on a seasonal or permanent basis.

With minimum rental periods of between 7 days and a month and flexible notice periods, self-storage is a quick, cheap and effective solution for your short-term personal needs when compared to more traditional storage methods. You can access your stored items if you need to, have control over how they are stored and can feel confident that they will be secure on site. The self-storage rental fees you pay will include basic services such as lighting, security measures and rates.