Prepare Boats For Storage

Many people engage in activities involving the use of a boat, especially during the summer months. A boat is a huge investment and requires a lot of upkeep and continual care. But you might not be able to use it all the time. If you’re not planning on using your boat for a while, consider moving it into Self Storage in Tweed Heads from StoreLocal Tweed Heads. If you want your boat to be in peak condition when you’re ready to use it again, you need to prepare it properly before it’s placed in storage. Follow the tips below to be sure your boat is properly prepared so you don’t waste any time getting it back into peak condition later on.

Remove the battery

When a boat sits for weeks or months at a time, the battery can lose power. This may sound like a temporary issue, but it actually detracts from the overall lifespan of the battery. If you want your boat’s battery to last for many years, be sure to remove or disconnect it prior to placing your boat in storage.

Carefully clean the inside and outside

Before your boat is placed in storage, it should be cleaned inside and out. Many types of debris and residue can damage the paint on the boat if it’s left on the surface for a long period of time. Removing oils, dirt, and other types of residue will protect the beauty of your boat’s finish over time.

Inspect the boat for damage or needed repairs

When preparing your boat for storage, it’s an ideal time to inspect it and make any needed repairs. In some cases, small problems can become larger issues if left unattended for a period of time. By tackling these issues prior to making use of storage in Tweed Heads, you can prevent problems from getting out of control. You’ll also avoid the frustration of needing to initiate repairs when all you want to do is take the boat out on the water.

Flush all liquids prior to storage

Depending on the length of time your boat will be in storage, you may need to flush the fluids from it. You might also need to add a stabilising agent to be sure unsteady temperatures don’t affect the quality of these fluids. Many people use this time to completely remove and replace fluids such as engine oil and antifreeze.

Remove canvas accessories

If your boat’s sails and other accessories are made from a canvas material, you’ll want to remove these parts prior to storage. Now’s the perfect time to thoroughly wash and dry these accessories to preserve their lifespan. Be sure to add any fabric conditioning agents prior to storage, as recommended by your boat’s manufacturing company.

A boat is a huge investment that requires continual upkeep. It’s only natural to want to protect this investment to the best of your abilities during the time it’s in storage. If you’re ready to move your boat into storage, contact the team at StoreLocal Tweed Heads today.