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Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is exciting and overwhelming. As a parent-to-be, you are apt to experience the “nesting instinct” that compels you to make your home as accommodating as possible for your new bundle of joy. Keep reading to discover the many ways in which self storage Cannonvale can come in handy during this time.


Deep clean the house

Newborn infants are fragile, and doctors typically urge parents to keep them in clean, germ-free surroundings. Prior to the birth of your little one, then, commit yourself to deep-cleaning every inch of your home. Prepare for this more easily by renting storage space from a Cannonvale self-storage facility. Before cleaning commences, clear away large items to more easily access tight spaces around the home. When you are done, you can easily replace the items that you’ve temporarily moved out of the house.


Make room for the nursery

Like most expectant parents, you are probably going to repurpose an existing room into a nursery for your newborn. Unless you plan to throw away everything that’s currently in the room, you should plan on using self storage to store some of those things for the long haul. That way, you can hold on to those things until you move into a bigger place or otherwise find room for them again in the future—even if that’s not until your kid graduates from high school!


Store baby items until the big day arrives

Like most babies, yours is probably arriving in the world with tons of gear already ready to go. Consider it your first taste of the many ways in which children take over their parents’ lives. For this last little while before your child arrives, consider organising and storing all of the items that you have purchased and been gifted in a self storage unit in Cannonvale. This will make it easier to plan out precisely how everything will be arranged at home.


Clear clutter from around the house

Although it will be a while before your baby starts getting around on their own, it’s never too early to start getting the place ready for that momentous occasion. Besides, with the stress of parenting an infant, you will appreciate having cleaner, neater, tidier surroundings during this time. Sort through everything in your home and figure out which items can be donated, sold, thrown away or stored. Before you know it, your home will be far less cluttered—and you will feel that much more prepared to welcome your baby into the world.


Keep your baby stuff in order

With every passing stage, your baby will require new and different things. Therefore, it makes sense to continue renting self storage in Cannonvale for the foreseeable future. For example, when your baby outgrows their stroller, you can store it away in case you need it for another baby in the future. If you find something that your baby can use in the future, you can buy it now and store it until they are ready. With space for storing these items, you are sure to feel less frazzled as the parent of a newborn.