Putting your house on the market could be a very stressful exercise, not only the cost involved in the whole process, but also the move, buying a new home and saying goodbye to all the memories.

We all want top dollar for our properties, and there are numerous tricks of the trade available to present your home in the best light.

Appearance is everything when selling or buying a house, and most people struggle to envisage how their furniture will look in a new house. This is even more of an issue if the house is small or cluttered with furniture, boxes and other unsightly items.

Our tip is to rent a short term storage unit until you’ve sold your house, and move anything from extra cars on the property, boxes, or items that might not present the best look.

Storage facilities offer short term and long term solutions, and they are normally only a call or a click away. Online ordering is now the norm, and you can get an indication of how much space you will need by using the online space calculator.

One thing your storage facility can do for you is deliver a mobile container at your home, and you can move in all your unsightly goods, until you move and enjoy them again in your new home.

This opportunity allows you to move your boat, that old vehicle in the garage you want to fix one day, and all those boxes that have been taking up all your free space. Plus, your garden appears bigger, the garage and storage areas look inviting, and more buyers will take an interest in your house.

Another benefit of short term storage, is the option to place all your belongings in storage, and freeing yourself up to find the perfect home, without having to be ‘out’, before the new owner moves in.

StoreLocal Newmarket offers state of the art storage facilities with advanced security measures and excellent service. We are conveniently located on Finsbury Street in Newmarket, making us the ideal storage provider for city dwellers and those living in the northern suburbs. Call us today at (07) 3352 7454, and we’ll get you the space you need.