At StoreLocal Newmarket in Newmarket, we get people from all walks of life requiring a Self Storage unit, some are private citizens requiring storage space for their excess furniture or Christmas decorations. Others include people going abroad, keeping their property safe and secure while they are away, and some are business owners simply requiring more space.

No matter what your reason for requiring a Self Storage unit, StoreLocal Newmarket can help you out, and guide you through the easy process of renting your own storage box.

At times, people don’t even know they need our services, so we’ve created a ten point check to see if you need a StoreLocal Newmarket unit in Newmarket…

  • Your Christmas tree is still in the living room.
  • Your closet is so full, that you cannot get inside.
  • You have to climb over your furniture in your living room.
  • You have so many boxes in your garage, that people are always asking if you are moving.
  • You are new to a city apartment, and the combined total of your furniture can fill three standard apartments.
  • You have more cars on your front lawn than you have people living in your house.
  • Your kitchen looks more like a mechanic’s workshop than a place to prepare food.
  • You are emotionally attached to anything from your first birthday card, to the fur ball your favourite cat spat out.
  • You’ve thought about getting a StoreLocal Newmarket.
  • Your in-laws are coming for a visit, and you need to get rid of all clutter in your house.

StoreLocal Newmarket offers storage units that cover all sizes, so you only pay for what you need, and we can store almost anything that is taking up space.

StoreLocal Newmarket offers convenient access and excellent security, ease of access in safe and secure Self Storage unit.