Remember that scene in Confessions of a Shopaholic, where Rebecca sells off her fabulous wardrobe to pay off the debt said wardrobe got her into in the first place? While we loved how she took back control of her life, we did experience a twinge of pain but at the sight of her giving up all of those lovely clothes… If you’ve ever found yourself a slave to fashion, the team at StoreLocal Hallam might actually have some advice for you. After all, we are the Hallam Self Storage specialists.

Seasonal wardrobes

Owner of a bloated wardrobe, but still feel the need for more clothes? Here’s a simple trick: start using a suitable Hallam Self Storage unit (StoreLocal Hallam) as a sort of rotating wardrobe, storing clothes you do not need right now in it depending on the season. In summer, you could store all your bulky coats, boots and fluffy sweaters, and in winter, pack away the gauzy blouses and strappy tops. You’ll free up more space in your wardrobe at home, allowing you to:

  • Care for your existing clothes better (more space to breathe…)
  • Look over each item to check for damage to determine what needs to be replaced
  • Not get so confused in the mornings when you have to decide what to wear

Hopefully, it will also motivate you to “shop” in your wardrobe: instead of buying new clothes, it will be easier to go through what you already have and make up new outfits from items you might have forgotten about without buying anything new.

Another perk: when you take the clothes out of storage at the beginning of the relevant season, it will feel like you went shopping and got a whole new wardrobe!

Make like Rebecca…

If you really can’t stop shopping, and you’re actually in a Rebecca-like debt situation, follow her lead. Rent a self-storage unit and turn it into a pop-up shop, displaying the clothes, shoes and accessories at their best to likely buyers. Invite your friends and family to come browse and buy. Yes, saying goodbye is hard – but paying off credit card debt is a huge relief!

Swap it out

Another idea is to start a clothes swap collective with your friends. Instead of shopping, motivate each other to rather swap clothes to get regular wardrobe refreshes. A Hallam Self Storage unit at StoreLocal Hallam can serve very well for a “swap space”, where clothes can be displayed, browsed and swapped as needed. This could become a monthly event.

Bigger wardrobe space

If you really don’t want to stop shopping, and you’re fed up with the small wardrobe at home – a Hallam Self Storage unit can become the perfect wardrobe-away-from-home. You can kit it out with shelving, mirror, clothes rails, plush carpets and a mini champagne bar, even.

Make your own

In extreme cases of shopaholicism, it might be a good idea to stop shopping altogether, and start making your own clothes. There are some beautiful, interesting clothes patterns and fabrics available, and a growing number of people who prefer unique once-off pieces rather than the same-same of retail. You could use a Hallam Self Storage unit at StoreLocal Hallam to set up a lovely creative sewing space, with racks for bolts of fabrics, interesting inspiration boards, boxes of buttons and lace and the sewing machine and apparatus of your choice to go along with it all. It’s therapeutic, creative, and you don’t have to make space for it at home. You could even motivate friends to join in, and have regular sewing nights. Who knows, this could be the start of your first business… And small businesses can definitely benefit from a Hallam Self Storage unit at StoreLocal Hallam!