Melbourne City living can often bring out the hidden minimalist in all of us: when you’re living in a tiny, yet expensive, apartment or even smallish home in surrounding suburbs like Brunswick East, every inch of space matters.

Unfortunately, many of us own more things than are good for us. And no, we DON’T want to let the piano/ drum set/ antique and very heavy desk/ collection of Pokémon soft toys go. (Weirdness is okay, okay.)

If you find yourself staring at your home and realising it’s a giant mess filled with way too many items, you could probably benefit from using Self Storage in Brunswick East from StoreLocal Northcote. Storage units come in a variety of sizes, so there’s a unit for you no matter how much or little you need to store. StoreLocal Northcote is a secure facility, so you can store your most valuable items with peace of mind. Here are three signs you need to start using Self Storage

1. You already want to declutter

The end of the year is the perfect time to start going through your belongings, so you might have already had this idea in the back of your mind. Access to Self Storage in Brunswick East can make decluttering your home a whole lot easier. This way, you don’t need to throw everything away. If there are items you want to keep but probably don’t need in your home, you can move it into your storage unit. You can also store the items you want to sell down the track.

2. You’re starting to trip over belongings

If you haven’t already thought about decluttering but you’re starting to trip over belongings, it’s time to start using Self Storage in Brunswick East. Your hallways shouldn’t be lined with boxes, your closets shouldn’t be stuffed to the brim, and your tables shouldn’t have stacks of items piled high. A storage unit can help you regain control of your home. This will not only help you to feel less stressed, but it can decrease the mess and help increase the value of your home.

3. You can’t find what you need

If you find yourself continually searching for items you want, you can benefit from using Self Storage in Brunswick East. The less time you spend looking for the items you need, the more time you’ll have to do the things you really love.

So what to do if you’d really like to pursue a lifestyle in the CBD, but are stressing about cupboard space? Consider leasing a Self Storage unit from StoreLocal Northcote, we look after people needing Self Storage in the city and northern suburbs like Northcote, Brunswick East and Preston, here’s why:


Self Storage for Students

If you’re about to start your higher education, you’re probably a strange mix of incredibly excited and very nervous. Adjusting to university life can be difficult, and that difficultly is increased dramatically if you need to move away from home for your studies. If you’re moving out of home to be closer to your campus, having access to Self Storage in Brunswick East from StoreLocal Northcote can be beneficial.

It’s time to get organised – Before you head into your new life as a university student, you need to get organised. Take the time to go through everything you own now, before you’re too busy and stressed from your studies. There’ll be plenty of items you want to keep but don’t need or have room for in your new home. These items can be stored in Self Storage in Brunswick East securely for an affordable price.

Make sharing small spaces easier – Many university students living away from home choose to live in an apartment with several roommates. While this does help keep costs in check, it also means you have a lot less space to store your things at home. You’ll need to be more conscientious about the space your roommates need. Because of this, it’s both impractical and inconsiderate to try and jam every single thing you own into your shared apartment. If you and your roommate both have a couch, for example, only one needs to be brought into the apartment. This is where Self Storage in Brunswick East can be useful.

Don’t leave a messy room behind – It’s important you don’t leave your old bedroom in a giant mess. If there are items you want to keep but don’t want to bring with you, move them into Self Storage in Brunswick East instead of leaving it behind. There will also be some items you simply don’t need anymore. Make sure you ask your parents if there’s anything they want to keep before you throw it away; you never know what might have sentimental meaning to them.

Make university life easier with Self Storage in Brunswick East – Adjusting to life as a university student can be difficult. You don’t want a cluttered home or lack of space to make it any more stressful. If you’re getting ready to move into a new home before your university studies, book your Self Storage in Brunswick East at StoreLocal Northcote online today!


Short Term Storage

More and more people are moving from rural areas to the city, to study or for short-term work projects. In a situation like this your dorm room or share house might already come with certain furnishings, or it’s simply more practical to rent a furnished apartment. But you probably don’t want to get rid of your actual belongings, either, which is when a convenient, affordable Self Storage unit makes a difference. Store your most treasured belongings until you find a more permanent home.


Lifestyle choices

Perhaps you’ve just moved in with a significant other, and now you own two of everything. Yes, you could sell the extra gear, but love can be fickle, and if you’re not quite sure about it yet, rather put all the extras in Self Storage. You can always sell it later – or collect it if the worst happens and you end up in your own space again.

Living in an apartment or townhouse close to the ocean opens up endless sporting possibilities. But it’s not always practical to keep your kayak, paddleboard, surfboard, snorkel gear, wetsuits, mountain bikes and blow-up flamingos in your home! Here’s where you can team up with likeminded friends, and share the costs of a Self Storage unit where all your sports gear can be kept. You can choose a location that is convenient and easily accessible for whenever you need some time outdoors.


Changing Seasons

Winter has now come and gone, and it’s time to shelve those coats, shoes, and recreational gear for another year. Winter gear can be quite bulky and take up a lot of space, which is why you should consider the alternatives to keeping it all in your closet. With Self Storage in Brunswick East from StoreLocal Northcote, you can keep your winter gear securely stored for an affordable price.

The closest inside our homes are often too small to fit all our daily items, let alone the items we only use during certain seasons. Finding a new home for your winter gear will create more storage space in your home. With more closet space available, many people are able to reclaim the other areas of the home they’ve been using for storage, such as the guest bedroom or the garage.

Winter gear can be expensive, especially if you own any winter recreational or sports gear. The hefty price tag means you need to protect it. If you have a basement or attic inside your home, you’ve probably considered keeping your winter gear there; however, it’s not the best option. Basements are often damp and the extra moisture and lack of fresh air can create mould on your gear. The pests inside most basements and attics can also cause a lot of damage. Self Storage in Brunswick East has none of these issues, creating a safe environment for your winter gear.

If you like to travel during the summer months, you might not feel comfortable leaving your expensive winter gear alone in your house. With Self Storage in Brunswick East, you can relax and enjoy your holiday! There’s no need to worry about the safety of your winter gear.

If you’d like to learn more about your Self Storage in Brunswick East options, contact the team at StoreLocal Northcote today!


Fashion forward

Being a fashionista comes with a price: loads and loads of lovely clothes and shoes and accessories that you have to find space for. But leasing a bigger apartment means less money for clothes! Leasing a suitable StoreLocal Northcote Self Storage unit can save you a lot of money, and open up more space for your collection. You can even turn it into a properly curated wardrobe. It’s also helpful for seasonal changes: store your winter stuff when it’s summer, and swap around for winter!

For more advice, don’t hesitate to contact our clever team at StoreLocal Northcote, for all your Self Storage needs in Brunswick East, Northcote and surrounds.