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Knowing that your home is too crammed full of stuff is one thing; decluttering it and making it more organised is another. People typically start out with good intentions when attempting to declutter. All too often, however, they get tripped up by one of many common pitfalls and fail to make real progress. If you are ready to declutter and reclaim your home, it pays to learn about these common mistakes. From not lining up Self Storage Bunbury to being too emotionally attached to your things, there are more of them than you probably expect.


Taking on too much at once


If you’ve gotten a sudden burst of motivation to declutter your home, you may be tempted to tackle it all right this instant. However, plunging full speed ahead without a plan won’t get you very far. Before getting started, then, write up a basic strategy. Which areas of the home will you tackle first? While you’re at it, schedule specific times on the calendar for working on the project to keep yourself on track.


Getting ahead of yourself


The right organisational tools can make a big difference when decluttering a home. However, resist the temptation to run out and invest in a bunch of bins, shelves and other organisational accessories. Until things are sorted and cleared out, there’s no telling what you will actually need. By waiting until you are really ready, you will avoid wasting money and ensure that you don’t inadvertently bring even more unneeded stuff into the home.


Being emotionally attached


One of the biggest pitfalls that people face when trying to declutter their homes is being too emotionally attached to stuff. While it is normal to associate certain items with certain memories, you must remind yourself that material possessions are ultimately just things. If something isn’t serving an actual purpose, it is probably best to let it go. Be discerning about the things that you hold onto as keepsakes. It’s amazing what just a few carefully selected items can do. Remember too that you can always store heirlooms and mementos in Self Storage in Bunbury to free up more space.


Procrastinating while decluttering


Another common pitfall when decluttering is putting off certain steps within the process itself. For example, after sorting things based on whether they will be sold, donated, recycled or thrown away, you might let bags of items that should be donated sit and gather dust. Instead, as soon as a bag is full and ready to be donated, bring it right to the donation centre.


Not renting Self Storage in Bunbury


Finally, the biggest mistake that you can make when decluttering your home is to dismiss the idea of Self Storage out of hand. Perhaps you would rather not spend any extra money, but the benefits that go along with the investment are considerable. Self Storage is actually very affordable, and you can easily line it up just for the short term. With a nearby unit available, your decluttering endeavours are sure to unfold much more smoothly. Contact the storage experts at StoreLocal to book your storage unit today.