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Whether you’re moving house, minimising clutter, or storing business or hobby equipment, packing items properly can help you make the most of your storage unit. Create easy access and protect your belongings with these tips for organising your Self Storage in Bunbury from StoreLocal Bunbury.

Use the right supplies

Plastic bags may seem like a good choice for storing clothing, but it can cause condensation to form, resulting in mildew. Sturdy moving boxes are the ideal choice. Rounding up boxes for a move can be frustrating; save your energy and purchase new boxes from our facility. These brand new boxes won’t collapse under the weight of household goods or business equipment like those well-worn boxes sitting in your basement. Try and use only one or two box sizes to ensure safe stacking inside your storage unit.

Before you store

Remove batteries from electronics, and drain fuel from lawnmowers and tools. Defrost your refrigerator, and let it dry with the doors open. Place a bag of coffee grounds or charcoal inside to prevent odours over time. Save space in your unit by using towels and blankets as padding or box filler. If space is limited, remove furniture legs and tape a bag full of any screws or other parts to the item. Prevent boxes from collapsing or tipping by filling them with items of varying weight; make sure they’re not so heavy you can’t carry them into your storage in Bunbury. Label each box with its contents, including their value if you plan on insuring them.

Arranging items in your storage unit

Assess how much space your belongings will take up, then develop a plan for where everything will go. Create at least one aisle to allow easy access to all items. Place heaviest boxes on the bottom, and save space by filling the areas under tables with bigger boxes. Use the space inside refrigerators, washers and dryers for storing lightweight items like stuffed animals and clothing. Group holiday or seasonal items together so you’ll know where to find them. Place things you won’t use often in the back, moving those you’ll need more often in last.

From safely storing electronics to keeping everyday items handy, a little planning goes a long way when moving items into storage. Keep your belongings in tip-top shape, and ensure everyone’s safety with a little preparation. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business equipment or household goods are secure in StoreLocal Bunbury.