A lot of planning goes into weddings, but there are many things that are forgotten along the way, and trust us, we speak from experience. At StoreLocal Self Storage Bunbury, we have many brides and grooms visit us in a panic, not having planned what to do with gifts, furniture and other items that they need to look after while they are away on honeymoon. Fortunately, at StoreLocal Self Storage Bunbury, we offer long and short term storage, so the freedom is theirs.

A while back we’ve even had a bride who didn’t know what to do with her wedding dress. Luckily, as part of our packaging supplies we offer, we had a spotless port-a-robe, which is ideal for storing clothes, including wedding dresses, and our smallest storage space is about the size of a wardrobe, so it was perfect.

Our advice for suits and dresses are to store it in a dust free environment, and not in a plastic bag, so a StoreLocal Self Storage Bunbury storage unit will be the perfect storage location for your wedding gear, and we’ll keep it secure and safe.

For storing your wedding gifts, we have a range of boxes and storage unit sizes, from lockers to large warehouse style storage space. So if you got a few toasters, or hit the jackpot with a new car, we can store it for you at StoreLocal Self Storage Bunbury.

Using Self Storage to think smarter is the order of the day, and for wedding planners, wedding venues and the lucky couple, using StoreLocal Self Storage Bunbury is a great solution to the issues that goes along with organising the biggest day in the lives of two special people.

If you are planning your wedding, and you want to have a beach or outside wedding, you can rent umbrellas and gazebos to keep everyone dry in case it rains. Store it at StoreLocal Self Storage Bunbury, and if the worst happens and it does rain, then we will provide easy access on the day of your wedding.

So stop worrying about the storage, and let StoreLocal Self Storage Bunbury manage that for you, freeing your time up to soak in the memories and enjoy the day.