Self Storage for Business

So you’re part of a small business here in Northcote or Preston. Your office space is filled to the brim with computers, printers, files, paper, furniture, bric-a-brac and a dead fern in the kitchenette. And you haven’t seen Fred, your personal assistant, in a week – you suspect he might be buried under the pile of marketing bunting in the corner over there. Self Storage for Business is the answer and StorLocal are experts for  Self Storage for Business.

Face it: it’s time to start using StoreLocal Self Storage Northcote to improve your work environment, and here’s why…

Declutter your office space

A clean, streamlined office is much more likely to be a productive office – so move all of your surplus office furniture and electronics, marketing materials (bunting, banners, promo items) and surplus stock into a Self Storage unit. We’d recommend first weeding through all of it and getting rid of all the broken and damaged bits and pieces – you might even be able to sell some of it and make an extra dollar or two for Fred’s Recovery Fund. But don’t store that dead fern.

But wait…

…is it actually safe to store things like surplus stock and electronics in Self Storage? Yes, it is. Talk to our team to determine the security options that work best for you. They can also give you advice on how you should go about storing items such as computers and any kind of files or paperwork: it’s important to keep them dust free, dry and protected.

Size matters

Self Storage Units come in different sizes, so you can pick the one that suits your purposes (and a number of items you need to store). There are also options when it comes to climate control – our team can advise you on this.

Remember to plan your packing carefully to best use the space at your disposal.StoreLocal Northcote | Thornbury, Preston, Bellfield.


  • StoreLocal Self Storage Northcote offers 7-day access. Whether you’re doing an unexpected marketing drive over the weekend and need the bunting, or working late and missing an important file, you can access your Self Storage unit whenever you need to.
  • We can help you with trailer hire, packing materials and good advice – whatever you need to make your Self Storage journey easier.
  • StoreLocal Self Storage Northcote is much cheaper than renting a bigger office space to fit all your stuff in! Yup, it’s true. Just don’t now insist on Fred moving himself and his desk to a Self Storage unit…

If you are still unsure about the benefits Self Storage in Northcote will do for your business, then feel free to contact the team at StoreLocal Northcote, and we’ll share all the tips of the trade with you.