Unique Items Found In Storage – StoreLocal Campbellfield

If you’re wondering what to keep inside your Self Storage in Campbellfield from StoreLocal Newmarket, you don’t need to think too hard. You can store almost anything inside your unit. Over the history of the Self Storage industry, people have kept some quite strange items inside their units. Here are some of the many unique items found in various storage facilities throughout the world:

  1. Queen of Soul’s wardrobe

Aretha Franklin left her hats and clothes in a unit in Michigan. After she abandoned the locker, an auction bidder came into possession of her forgotten attire.

  1. Defaced dollars

A person bought the contents of another unit for $400. After opening a trunk, this individual found cash with a total value of $24,000! However, someone had inexplicably cut the faces out of the bills.

  1. Financial instrument

Sometimes, people find some strange alternatives to keeping their money in bank accounts. For example, one storage locker held a saxophone that contained a surprising bonus; a previous owner had crammed hundreds of dollars inside it.

  1. Forgotten ashes

After a Georgia funeral home went out of business, someone made an unexpected discovery in its storage locker. The unit held 50 containers of cremation ashes. Some of the remains had sat unclaimed for up to 45 years!

  1. Music history

An abandoned locker in Florida preserved a wide range of old documents that once belonged to the Beach Boys. They included handwritten song lyrics and various contracts. The papers are worth millions of dollars.

  1. Bizarre car

A man in New York bought a locker’s contents for $100. He discovered an unusual vehicle with fins rather than wheels. The submersible car had appeared in a James Bond movie, and the new owner sold it for nearly $1 million.

  1. Well-preserved auto

Someone abandoned a Ford Mustang in a New England storage unit. It was parked in the locker for nearly four decades. An auction bidder paid almost $160,000 for this car from 1966.

  1. Animal museum

A unit in southeastern Australia showcased the handiwork of an amateur taxidermist. The creatures included snakes, dogs, squirrels, cats, and birds. This locker even contained some taxidermied spiders.

  1. Hungry reptiles

An Oklahoma renter left 12 boa constrictors, pythons, and other exotic snakes in a storage facility. Luckily, veterinarians were able to help the reptiles recover from their abandonment. Don’t get any ideas – you can’t keep any live animals in storage in Campbellfield!

  1. Copious coins

A person paid $200 for the items in a forgotten unit in Sacramento, Calif. It contained two buckets that were filled with silver dollars! The auction winner generously handed out coins to 40 fellow bidders.

  1. Movie star’s collection

Burt Reynolds abandoned a storage locker, and its contents went up for auction. Among other things, the items included a canoe that appeared in Deliverance and a horse-drawn carriage that Dolly Parton constructed.

  1. NASA artefacts

An abandoned locker in Florida contained some outdated equipment from the space program. In addition to an old rocket, the buyer discovered a clock that was used to count down the seconds before liftoff.

If you need a place to keep unique items of your own, be sure to consider renting CampbellfieldSelf Storage from StoreLocal Newmarket!