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Sharing a house with someone else can be a way that you can save money for a larger home or a way that you can save money while going to school. There’s usually someone to talk to when you don’t want to spend time alone, but there are opportunities for quiet time as well. Before moving into a shared house with someone, keep in mind a few tips that should be on your check-list to make the living arrangement as smooth as possible. Any furniture or items that you don’t need to move into the home can be kept at Self Storage in Coburg North.



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There will probably be meals that you share with the people in the home. However, you’ll likely find that the foods that you enjoy might be different than the foods other people in the home like to eat. Keep foods in a cabinet in separate containers with a label on them. Each person can have a separate shelf in the refrigerator with foods that are shared by everyone in one area that is clearly labelled.

Choosing chores

Each person in the home should be responsible for their own personal space. Keep a list of chores on a wall or on the refrigerator so that everyone can see the larger chores they need to do during the week, such as taking the trash out or sweeping. The list of chores can change each week to prevent the same person from doing the same job all the time. Any large appliances or cleaning supplies that aren’t used all the time can be taken to a unit at Self Storage in Coburg North until they are needed.

Know the plans

Whether there are two people or half a dozen in the home, you all need to know a bit about each other’s schedules during the week. This will make it easier to know when you can have visitors over or if there is a special event taking place in the home. It’s also convenient so that you know if someone is studying or working and won’t be home during the day or the evening, keeping you from worrying about where that person is after an extended time.

When you move into a house with other people, it can be an interesting experience. If you plan ahead and get organised, then it’s possible to enjoy this kind of living situation for months or years. Utilise the services offered by Self Storage in Coburg North to keep some of your belongings in one place until you have a larger home of your own.