How to Declutter When Your Partner is a Hoarder.

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Hoarding is a serious problem. It is estimated that two percent to six percent of the population of Australia is affected with a hoarding disorder. If your partner is displaying signs of hoarding, you will want to have a serious conversation with them as soon s possible. Try to find out why they are saving these things. Often its not about the things themselves. The things could represent security to your partner. They hate to throw them out because they think they might need them some day.

However, if their stuff is taking over your home you need to take action. Storing their things somewhere else, like a Hendon Storage unit can make life easier for everyone. Explain this is a place where they can keep their valuable things till, they need them. Be sure they have a key and can visit their things whenever they feel they need to. This small step can keep peace in your home as well as the clutter that is quickly taking over.

The job of decluttering is by no means quick and easy. You will have to sort through everything with your partner. Try to divide into piles. A pile to keep at home, a pile to go to the Hendon Storage unit, a pile to donate, a pile to recycle, and a pile to dispose of. Do one room at a time at a time. Trying to do the whole house at once will only create stress and make the job seem too hard. The kitchen and the bathroom are the best rooms to start in. These two rooms tend to get unsanitary when cluttered, so for the sake of everybody’s health these two rooms should be uncluttered first.

Its important not to just go through and clean up the clutter by yourself. You will just cause your partner stress and they might refuse to part with anything after that. Also, it is not your mess, yes, it’s your house too, but cleaning their mess will only backfire on you. You need to come to a decision together about what is going to the Hendon Storage unit, so they won’t feel like they are losing their stuff. Remember, their stuff is important to them. It might be possible to eventually move some of their clutter out of the Hendon Storage unit and into the rubbish, but not till it’s been there awhile.

No matter how you do it keeping on top of the clutter will be a full-time job. You might feel it should be the responsibility of your partner. But hoarding is not caused by laziness. They view it as valuable treasure. By suggesting that it be stored in a Hendon Storage unit you get a clean house and they will have peace of mind. Remind them its not gone just moved to a safe place that they can visit any time they want. They probably won’t remember half the stuff they have stored and after a reasonable amount of time it can be moved to the rubbish, making room for the next load. This may sound sneaky, and it is, but sometimes that’s the only way.

Hoarders can be difficult to live with, but with a little effort you can often come to a compromise. Hoarding is an illness. No one wants to live in a house full of rubbish, they just can’t turn loose of things. It is up to the people who love them to help them make the hard decisions required to clean up a cluttered mess. They may complain, but with a little work can learn to let go.