Why A Self Storage Unit Is Essential For Real Estate Agents

One of the most under-appreciated industries in the world is the self-storage industry. In 2018, the estimated storage facilities are between 44,000 and 52,000 in the US alone. In Australia, the self-storage industry revenue in 2018 is around $ 1.2 billion and the supply of its units is expected to rise to 10 percent in the coming years.


What Is Self-Storage

Self-storage is currently experiencing an unexpected boom. It is an industry in which storage space like lockers, containers, rooms, and outdoor spaces also known as storage spaces is made available for rent to tenants on a short-term basis. Tenants of self-storage units could be individuals or businesses.

The real estate industry and the self-storage industry usually go hand in hand in various ways. It is common for real estate firms and agents to have interests in self-storage facilities. When homeowners are putting their properties for sale or rent, or when buyers are looking to buy a new home or in the middle of moving to a new home, a self-storage facility could be very useful.


Clean and Organised Office Says A Lot About You

Aside from being accommodating, your clients or prospective clients would like to see a real estate agent who knows how to organise his things. Because of this, you have to ensure that your office is presentable at all times. A cluttered office gives off a not so good impression that you would not want your clients to have about you. However, it is sometimes difficult to do because most agents have a lot of signage, documents, presentation files, reusable home decors, and others. These occupy spaces that are not really needed in a real estate office. Having a self-storage unit from Narre Warren Storage could help you de-clutter and transform your office into a tidy and organised one.


Important Documents and Files are Securely and Safely Stored

The usual real estate office has a lot of boxes containing important documents and files. Some of it is stored in a filing cabinet that is not too attractive when inside a real estate office. While a filing cabinet could do the work, you still have to make sure that these important documents and files are secure and safe. These files can be kept in a Narre Warren Storage self-storage unit to ensure that it is safe, secure, and easily accessible. Having a storage unit will enable you to store these files away safely while maintaining an organised real estate office.


Reduces Office Clutter

Some real estate agents like to store their files in filing cabinets in their office to keep things in order. But, you can only have as many filing cabinets since they occupy a lot of space and most often, they are not large enough to keep everything. Just think of how easy it is to keep those signs, posters, flyers, banners, and other marketing and advertising materials out of your office. These materials are very helpful in advertising your business and getting prospective clients. However, you also would not want to put them in your office for all the clients to see whenever they walk into your office. A self-storage unit from Narre Warren Storage could save you from these advertising and marketing materials and will ensure that your office is free from clutter.


Offers An Edge Over Competitors

Real estate is a very competitive industry and in order to thrive and succeed you have to do anything to have an edge over other real estate agents. Having a self-storage unit where your clients can safely keep their valuables during an open house could make a world of difference and can spell out the difference between you and other real estate agents. Customers appreciate real estate agents who are willing to go to extra length to accommodate them or their needs.


Other Helpful Use of Self-Storage Spaces

  • A self-storage unit can be used as storage for reusable home décor and other supplies and materials used for staging. This includes flower arrangements, pillows, candles, garden decors, and artwork.
  • It can store other pieces of furniture that could make the room appear much larger.
  • A self-storage unit could store big furniture and other bulky items to relieve the potential buyer who does not like pets at home.
  • It can be used to store thins in the garage and basement to let the potential buyer appreciate the extra square footage of the property.
  • It provides a place for storing extra valuables while the home is on the market. According to statistics, a clutter-free and well-staged home only spend around 50% of the time on the market.