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There’s a lot to love about being a freelancer. If you support yourself by working as an independent contractor, you can probably cite plenty of the advantages. In particular, being a freelancer means having more flexibility and freedom. Like anything else, however, there are downsides to it too. For example, one common complaint is not being able to keep home life and work life separate. If it feels like your freelance work is encroaching on your home life, Self Storage Busselton may be the answer.


Manage inventory more effectively


If you need to keep inventory on hand as a part of your freelance business, you have probably grown tired of finding places at home to store it. After all, you probably already have less space at home than you need; why fill it up with work-related stuff? Many freelancers find it easier to store inventory in local Self Storage facilities. Odds are that you don’t need to keep these items within arm’s reach at all times, so keeping them in a facility around the corner makes plenty of sense.


Store supplies and equipment


You may have started out with a simple home office for your freelance business. Over time, however, it may have slowly but surely started spreading out into other parts of the home. If you use a lot of office supplies and equipment to keep your business going, storing them in Self Storage in Busselton is a great alternative. There is no benefit in keeping several boxes of printing paper within reach, for example, and you can always make quick trips to the Self Storage facility to restock. In the meantime, you will have more space where it matters: at home.


Fill and ship orders faster


Like many freelancers, you may operate your business online through a storefront or eCommerce site. The supplies that you need to ship orders can also start taking up space at home, which makes it feel like you can never get away from work. If you’re already planning to store inventory at a Self Storage facility, consider taking it a step further by filling and shipping orders from there too. This is another great way to keep work separate from home, which is something that freelancers often struggle with.


Keep home and work separate more easily


Although freelancers often cite the freedom that they enjoy, they also commonly complain about how difficult it is to keep their home and work lives separate. Having Self Storage in Busselton gives you a little more breathing room, and it provides you with a specific area for work-related things. Even if you only have to visit the unit a few times per month, doing so will help to keep those lines from blurring so much. Although it’s not quite the same as leasing actual office space, having Self Storage for your freelance business helps you to remove your personal life from your work life a little more. In the long run, this will help you to maintain a better work-life balance. Contact the storage experts at StoreLocal to get your quote today.