StoreLocal Hallam is more than just Self Storage Hallam, it is a Self Storage facility that provides commercial storage solutions for small and medium sized businesses, it is a service provider for people needing personal storage and packing solutions. Yes, we sell boxes, tape and almost anything you need to be ready for a big move. And StoreLocal Hallam is a place that keeps an eye on your most valuable possessions.

Houses and apartments are getting smaller by the day, and more so as you get closer to urban centres, so it comes as no surprise that people are struggling to decide what to do with their extra property. Items you want to keep, but just do not have the space to keep it.

Items that fits the bill includes your appliances, and many people want to hang on to the old fridge, TV or washing machine, as they will be handy for when the kids move into their own place, or they are cover for when something breaks.

But how do you store TVs and fridges? Where do you store your old washing machine and dryer, and what will it cost you to store these items?

Speak to David & Joe at StoreLocal Hallam, and they will run through the pros and cons of signing up for a StoreLocal Self Storage Hallam storage unit. They will advise the costs, access and availability, but more so, they will give an honest assessment in whether Self Storage is the right choice for you.

Self Storage is remarkably affordable, and keeping you’re TVs, white ware and other appliances might work out a lot less than replacing them. Plus, the kids will be thankful for the money saved.

The Self Storage Hallam team will also give advice on how to store…

For your washing machine and dryer, give them an empty full cycle spin before storing, and dry them out thoroughly. Empty all hoses and clean the interior.

For your fridge, drain all water, clean thoroughly and make sure there are no food residue left that might attract insects or other unwanted visitors. Fridges and freezers should be stored slightly ajar.

Transport your fridges upright, and remove all the loose bits, having wrapped them up separately. If you don’t, they tend to crack and break in the whole moving process.

StoreLocal’s Self Storage Hallam branch is dry and clean, and the ideal place to store your appliances, electronics and toys. If you are not sure on how to store, the give us a call, and we can help you through the Self Storage Hallam process.

Self Storage Hallam is not limited to appliances, we can store your whole household when you are moving, between homes or simply taking a sabbatical.