It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man (or woman) in possession of a successful commercial business must be in want of a warehouse for storage space. (Apologies to Ms. Austen!) After all, where in Hallam are you going to go with your 3D-printed cat toys, novelty handmade teacups or bespoke fly fishing lures once your business suddenly explodes and the garage is just not big enough anymore? Why, to a Self Storage unit in Hallam, of course – StoreLocal Self Storage Hallam will introduce you to the wonders of Self Storage.

Self Storage can be used for a variety of purposes, and is often the place where businesses store their product, ready to be shipped when needed. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing a StoreLocal Self Storage Hallam storage unit.

Size matters

The size of the storage space you need can differ depending on the product that needs to be stored, as well as the extra storage items you might need to kit it out. A big, empty space might be perfect for storing a fleet of custom-built cars, but it definitely won’t work for a business that specialises in commemorative pins. Ask yourself:

  • What kind of stock will the facility hold?
  • What is the frequency with which the stock will move in and out?
  • Are the doors and loading bays designed for ease of movement in and out?
  • What kinds of racking and other storage items will I need inside the storage unit?

Rack & roll

Once you’ve settled on a suitable space, determine what you’ll need to store your product in the most practical and easily accessible way. Any commercial business depends in part on the speed with which you can ship your items, so making sure that they’re stored in such a way as to expedite shipping is important. The storage solutions you use will depend on the size, weight and type of product you have, as well as the size and shape of the warehouse space. There are five main types of storage that we’ll break down below.

Pallet racking

  • Most common and essential
  • Usually made of wood, metal or plastic
  • Ideal for stock delivered and stored in boxes, and requires inventory logging
  • When choosing pallet racking, consider access/movement, weight, stability and space. Will it topple? How much aisle space do you need? Will forklift access be backwards/forwards, or need a turning circle?
  • There are 13 main kinds of pallet racking options available, such as Carton Flow Racking, Cantilever Racking and Double-deep Racking – ask our team to advise on the best fit for you.


  • Stock sits on static shelves, so cannot be accessed and moved with forklift
  • Ideal for quick, easy access to stock
  • Use for small, light items that require manual picking and placement, such as clothing
  • Consider weight of items, and height: high shelves require ladder access
  • Short Span Shelving: better for smaller stock items
  • Long Span Shelving: larger units with space for bigger items.

Mobile shelving

  • Ideal for archiving and data storage
  • Storage shelves are fitted with a traction system
  • Stock can be kept in closely packed, compact storage space when access isn’t needed
  • Works well for smaller spaces, such as retail store back areas
  • Usually on level track way – track built into floor or mounted on top. Double check type of flooring needed in unit, and whether it is possible to lay tracking that is stable, will remain in place and not degrade floor integrity
  • Locking mechanism on shelves keep them secured when not in use.

Multi-tier racking

  • Take full advantage of vertical space in a StoreLocal Self Storage Hallam storage unit
  • Multiple tiers – stock can be accessed all the way up
  • Achieved through system of mezzanine flooring and stairs, but scissor lifts can also be used
  • Dense storage: large quantities of stock with relatively small individual unit size.

The different options require different sized units, so contact StoreLocal Self Storage Hallam to see what size is right for you.

If you are considering Warehouse style Storage for your business, speak to our team at StoreLocal Self Storage Hallam: we’ll be able to advise you on the options available.