If you’re a serious collector, space and security are probably your two biggest concerns. Whether you’re a collector of furniture, stamps, or coins, you might always face the challenge of whether to keep expanding your collection, sell off portions of it to make more room, or to keep it as is. With Self Storage in Ashgrove from StoreLocal Newmarket, you don’t need to worry about those challenges anymore because you’ll always have the room you need to securely store your collection.

Self Storage unit sizes

At StoreLocal Newmarket, there are a variety of storage unit sizes available. This means you can benefit from using Self Storage in Ashgrove regardless of the size of your collection.

Security concerns for Self Storage in Ashgrove

Keeping your collection safe and secure is a big concern for collectors, which is why placing it in Self Storage in Ashgrove is the best option. StoreLocal Newmarket is a secure facility that’s protected with the latest in PIN coded security access, as well as in security automation. The facility is further protected with CCTV surveillance, making Self Storage in Ashgrove a lot safer for your collection than your own home.

Hours of access

You can access your StoreLocal Newmarket unit 24/7. Regardless of the time of day, you can check on your collection or show it off to family and friends. The generous access hours means your collection will always be available to you.


StoreLocal Newmarket provides insurance for those using their storage units. While it’s more likely your collection could be damaged or stolen in your own home than in Self Storage in Ashgrove, insuring your collection can give you that added peace of mind.

If you’d like to find out more about storing your collection in Self Storage in Ashgrove, contact StoreLocal Newmarket today.