Use Self Storage In Bellfield To Reclaim Your Garage

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The garage is an easy place to put belongings that would otherwise clutter your home or look unsightly. Your garage is probably crowded with anything from holiday decorations and gardening tools to your children’s old toys and your own high school memorabilia. If you’re hesitant to throw anything away, Self Storage in Bellfield from StoreLocal Northcote means you don’t need to discard anything!

A common reason people put off cleaning their garage is the fear of having to part with sentimental or important belongings, but you absolutely don’t have to throw anything away. If knowing you can keep all your precious possessions has motivated you to reclaim your garage, here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Cut the clutter

There’s probably plenty of rubbish, loose papers, rusty tools or broken items that you can get out of the way first. This will make the rest of the job so much easier. Fill up some garbage bags with anything broken and other rubbish. Once that’s out of the way, it’s time to get started on the serious decluttering.

  1. Decide what to move into Self Storage in Bellfield

Sorting everything into three sections is the easiest way to deal with everything when you start the decluttering process. Put items you won’t use for the next several months and can definitely be stored, Christmas decorations, for example, in the first section.

The second section should be for potential storage items. Anything you’re not sure you’ll need in the near future, such as certain files, toys or other belongings, can go into this section. After you’ve moved everything else into Self Storage in Bellfield, you can see how much room is left and reevaluate this ‘maybe’ section.

Anything you can’t move into Self Storage in Bellfield should go in the third and final section. If you need regular access to something, such as tools or in-season sports gear, it makes more sense to keep it in the garage.

  1. Pack for storage

A little preparation before move-in day will make it go as smoothly as possible. It’s important to store any electronics, wooden furniture and similar items properly in order to protect them from the dropping temperature. Wrap your boxes in plastic wrap to weatherproof anything susceptible to moisture damage. Plastic containers with tight lids will offer better protection for smaller belongings than cardboard boxes, and you can even use different coloured plastic containers to add to your storage organisation.


With Self Storage in Bellfield from StoreLocal Northcote, you can choose the right type of storage space to help you reclaim your garage and enjoy more room to move freely.