Books take up a lot of shelve space, and bookshelves take up a lot of wall space. If you’ve come to the point where you no longer have the space in your home to house your book collection, it’s time to think about moving your books into Self Storage in Brunswick East from StoreLocal Northcote. Keeping your books in storage will keep them safe and secure.

Organise and categorise

Before you move all your books into you new storage unit, you need to figure out what organisational system you’re going to use. Knowing where your books should be on the shelves will mean you don’t need to go searching for particular books when you want to read them. While this is a lot of work to begin with, it will save you a lot of time in the long run.

There are plenty of organisational systems for your books. You could seperate them by genre, publisher, or author. Either way, knowing how you’re going to organise your shelves will make putting your books away a lot easier.

Clean and inspect

Before you place your books in Self Storage in Brunswick East, it’s important you give them a good clean. Any dirt or food crumbs in between the pages could potentially damage your books, particularly if you plan on leaving them in storage for a while. You should also remove any bookmarks as they could damage the pages.

Tips for properly packing and storing books in Self Storage in Brunswick East

If you’re going to be keeping your books in boxes while in your storage unit, it’s important you pack each box properly to prevent damage. Use small cartons, as books become heavy when staked on top of each other.

Keep the books flat inside the boxes, and make sure the carton is completely sealed. Each side should be clearly labelled so you can always see what the box contains, and you don’t need to spin each box around to find the label.

Heavier boxes, like the ones that contain old textbooks or hardbacks, should be stored on the bottom of piles, and paperbacks can be placed on top of them. Try not to store the bottom box on the ground; instead, raise it off the floor by putting pallets down first.

Alternatively, you can bring some of your bookshelves into your Self Storage in Brunswick East and display your books on them rather than keeping them in boxes.

If you’re running out of space in your home because of your book collection, there’s no reason to simply get rid of your favourite books. Storing them in StoreLocal Northcote will keep them safe and secure while also opening up more space in your home.