While most people use their Self Storage in Brunswick East from StoreLocal Northcote for storing standard things, such as holiday decorations, old clothing, and memorabilia, there have been cases across the world where incredibly strange things have been found inside a storage unit. Here are a few examples.

  1. A human leg

While this sounds like the beginnings of a grisly crime, it’s not. In 2004, an American man lost his leg as a result of a plan crash. The man hoped to be buried with his leg one day, so he kept it inside a meat smoker within a storage unit. When he fell behind on payments, his storage unit was put up for auction. Eventually, the woman who won his unit returned his leg to him.

  1. Preserved animals

After a storage unit customer went bankrupt, the storage company in Melbourne needed to examine the contents of his unit to catalogue his belongings. Inside the unit was a strange collection of taxidermy squirrels, cats, fish, snakes, dogs, and other creatures. The taxidermy work was incredibly bad, and some animals had been turned into lamps or other strange items. The work had been done so incorrectly that someone bought the contents of the unit and used the collection to create a website of bad taxidermy examples.

  1. A live thief

Storage facilities are incredibly secure places. Breaking in isn’t an easy task, and one thief in the United States discovered breaking out can be even harder. When the thief was deciding what to take from the unit, a security guard on patrol noticed the unit door was ajar. He closed it, locking the thief inside. When a guard heard the thief trying to escape from inside the unit later on, he called the police.

  1. A newspaper from every day

One woman in Victoria collected a newspaper for every day of the year and kept these inside her Self Storage unit. She had had hoped that one or more of the publications would be valuable, and she’d then be able to sell it or keep it as memorabilia. Her Self Storage unit was filled with newspapers.

  1. A deceased grandmother

This was another creepy discovery; however, it again wasn’t tied to a crime. In the United States, the body of an elderly woman was discovered inside a storage unit. The storage unit had belonged to her daughter who’d committed to burying her mother after she’d passed away; however, storms and truck problems prevented the woman from following through. She took the body to her storage unit instead. The woman also had a hoarding problem, which helped explain her desire to keep the body close.


If you’re looking for somewhere to keep your seasonal items, your business’ inventory, or you’re cleaning out your home, Self Storage in Brunswick East from StoreLocal Northcote is the perfect solution for you. If you have something you to store, no matter how strange, Self Storage in Brunswick East could be the answer.