Each year, a lot of people set resolutions and make goals for all the things they’d like to achieve in the year to come; however, it’s easy to forget about those resolutions after a few months have gone by. Now the middle of the year has arrived, it’s a good time to re-evaluate your progress. Are you on track to meet your resolutions? If you’re not, there’s still time to get back on track, especially if one of your goals was to declutter and minimise your life. Renting some Self Storage in Bunbury from StoreLocal Bunbury is the perfect way to achieve this goal.

Modify your current plan

Mid-year evaluations aren’t just for those who feel like they’re falling behind. If you’ve been sticking to your goals, evaluating your progress can still have benefits. Doing so can help you determine if you need to alter your current plan. For example, if you set a goal to paint every room in your home and so far you’ve painted all but one, there’s no need to rush to achieve this goal. However, if you set another goal that you’re less than halfway to achieving, you need to modify your current plan.

Identify the problems and find solutions

If you aren’t on track to achieve some of your goals, evaluating your progress can help you determine where you’re going wrong. For example, you might have set a fitness goal but upon evaluation, you realise you’re not exercising as much as you would have liked. Now you’ve identified the problem, you can work towards finding a solution, such as determining blocks of time wasted on tasks like watching television and repurposing those times to working out.


If one of your resolutions was to declutter your home, a mid-year evaluation can help you get back on track. You might have made some progress towards this goal but separating your belongings into piles to keep, donate, or throw away, but if you haven’t done anything with the piles yet it’s time to take a different approach.

It can be upsetting having to discard items you’re attached to. Instead, consider moving these items into Self Storage in Bunbury. With Self Storage in Bunbury, you can keep these items out of the way without getting rid of them for as long as you need. After a while, you’ll probably find you don’t miss any of the items in your storage unit. In fact, you probably forget about half the items in there, which is a good sign you can safely get rid of them.

If you’re ready to refocus on your goal of decluttering your home, contact the expert staff at StoreLocal Bunbury to learn more about your storage options.