If you need to break a sweat in order to squash everything into your closet, it’s probably time for some more space. Even if there are no other closets available in your home, you can still create a second wardrobe with the help of Self Storage in Busselton from StoreLocal Busselton.

Tips for building a second wardrobe in Self Storage in Busselton

With a second wardrobe, your go-to items will be available to you all year round. Setting up a second wardrobe in Self Storage in Busselton takes some planning, so follow these tips to get started.

  • Install some shelving or drawers for items that can be folded.
  • Bring in a shoe rack for storing your everyday footwear.
  • If you’re storing high-end items, make sure you purchase some rolling clothing racks to keep them protected.
  • Install some cubicle shelving for storing your high-end shoes.
  • If you’re using any containers, make sure you clearly label them.
  • Purchase some rolling clothing racks for high-end items.
  • Purchase cubicle shelving units for high-end shoes.
  • Use waterproof, pest-resistant clothing bags for hanging garments.
  • Keep scent sachets in your Self Storage in Busselton to keep your wardrobe smelling fresh.

If you’d like to be able to try on any clothes before you take them back home, install a full-length mirror in your unit.

How to decide which garments to store

First, think about what items of clothing aren’t appropriate at all for the current weather. These items can easily be moved into your second wardrobe in Self Storage in Busselton without too much thought.

Next, think about what garments you hardly ever wear, such as formal dresses or old dance costumes you don’t want to throw away. These items can also easily be moved into Self Storage in Busselton.

If you like to wear your favourite items over and over again, keep them in your wardrobe at home. Keep some staple items, like your jeans and plain t-shirts, and other essentials, like one or two jumpers or cardigans and a few pairs of shoes. The remainder of your clothes can be moved into your second wardrobe. This will leave your home wardrobe looking neat and organised.

If you get sick of the clothes you have, a quick trip to your Self Storage in Busselton can allow you to completely change up your wardrobe without blowing your budget.



When you’re ready to start building your dream wardrobe in Self Storage in Busselton, contact the staff at StoreLocal Busselton to find out more.