Self Storage actually has quite a long history, which is something you might not realise when you see advertisements for Self Storage in Hallam from StoreLocal Hallam. It’s easy to assume storage facilities are a product of the modern urban sprawl; however, the Self Storage industry goes back quite a long way to an intriguing past.

Early storage records

Historians can trace the earliest records of Self Storage back to Ancient China. The system used by the Ancient Chinese was elaborate, but they weren’t the only ancient civilisation utilising Self Storage. The Ancient Greeks also had a form of paid storage available. Clay pots could be filled with items and stored in underground spaces outside of their homes. Everything stored was recorded, and these detailed records were stored in Delphi. Ancient Egypt had a storage system very similar to the Greeks, where items were stored in jars and containers away from homes. While not as sophisticated as Self Storage in Hallam in the 21st century, it was still Self Storage!

Medieval storage methods

The British refined these ancient storage methods into a way to protect their important information and belongings. These advances started as putting valuables in crates and storing these crates in always-guarded stables. As time went on, people started to travel longer distances, and this increased the need for safe and secure storage places. Wealthy citizens started paying the banks to store their valuables.

Modern Self Storage

The modern Self Storage we know of today first started in the United States in 1891. Many people were still heading west to settle into their new lives, and Martin and John Bekins took advantage of this golden opportunity by starting a storage company in Omaha, Nebraska. Their company started boasting several horse-drawn carriages, and they later upgraded these to moving vans. Martin and John Bekins eventually opened a second location in Los Angeles. People could store their personal belongings in this warehouse for a fee.

Self Storage today

The popularity of the Self Storage industry boomed in the 1960s. In Western cultures, people were becoming more and more mobile and started collecting more items than they could keep in their homes. By the 1980s, the modern Self Storage industry had grown in Britain, Canada, and Australia. Entrepreneurs who saw potential profits bought properties in urban areas and divided the spaces into various sizes of paid storage units. By the 2000s, Self Storage facilities were located in smaller suburbs as well as in larger metropolis areas. People used these units as temporary storage while moving homes, as well as for their excess and bulky belongings.

Today, people utilise Self Storage in Hallam from StoreLocal Hallam for similar purposes. Now, business storage has also become a popular use of storage facilities. Self Storage has progressed a lot since its origins thousands of years ago. To learn more about the storage options available at StoreLocal Hallam, contact our team today!