There are probably going to be plenty of disagreements between you and your new husband or wife over furnishing and decorating your new home. With Self Storage in Hallam from StoreLocal Hallam, you can cut down on the quarrels and spend more time enjoying each other’s company, because you’ll have room for everything.

Self Storage in Hallam for newlyweds

Decide how much space you have to fill within your new home. To more easily visualise your room, use a floor plan or create a diagram of each room and draw your ideas for placing your larger pieces of furniture. This will allow you to visually compare your ideas without dragging heavy furniture pieces all over the house. It will also help you see what you simply don’t have room for, and you can move those things into Self Storage in Hallam straight away.

You might both be coming into your new home with your own sets of furniture. Decide which pieces you like best as a couple, and move the remaining pieces into Self Storage in Hallam. You might also be doubled up on other items, like kitchen appliances, and keeping these excess items in storage gives you a spare in case of an emergency.

You might be intending on selling some of these items. The moving process is already stressful enough, so with Self Storage in Hallam, you can relax knowing you have room for everything until you’re ready to sell.

Storing wedding gifts

At your wedding, you may have received so many gifts that you don’t have a use for all of them. Many newlyweds start out their new lives in an apartment-style or smaller home, so you might be limited for storage space in your house. With Self Storage in Hallam, you can still keep all the items you received doubles for, as well as the other items you don’t have room for in your home. That way, you can save money if a small appliance breaks because you already have a spare.

It can be difficult to decide which items you’re going to keep and which items you don’t need in your home, but it’s important you work through your belongings as a couple. Keep in mind that you’re not throwing things away; you’ll still have access to everything in your Self Storage in Hallam, and you can even swap items out later on.


If you’re ready to move in with your new husband or wife, contact StoreLocal Hallam to learn more about Self Storage in Hallam.