Do you have an extra car that you never get to drive? If so, it’s time to consider moving it into Self Storage in Hallam from StoreLocal Hallam. Your vehicle is much more protected in Self Storage in Hallam than it would be parked in front of your home.

Here are five tips for moving your car into Self Storage.

  1. Clean it thoroughly – You need to clean your vehicle well before parking it in Self Storage in Hallam for a long period of time. Consider getting your car detailed. If you can’t afford it professionally, you can do the basics yourself. Make sure you clean the insides well to remove all crumbs. This will reduce the risk of pests getting into your vehicle.
  2. Shield it from the elements – Try and choose indoor storage for your vehicle. If outdoor storage is the only option, make sure to shield your car from the elements, including moisture, pests, wind, and even sunshine. The more expensive your car, the more you should consider using climate-controlled storage for even more protection. A cover for your car is essential if it will e stored outside.
  3. Prepare the battery – Your car’s battery will drain and be potentially ruined if you leave the battery connected to the car and don’t start it for months on end. You should take the car our at least once every two weeks. Alternatively, disconnect the negative cable on the battery to keep it from draining, or invest in a battery tender that will provide small, periodic charges to keep the battery in good condition.
  4. Mind the tires – Your tires are at risk of being worn out prematurely if you leave your car in Self Storage in Hallam for a long time without attending to it. As the tire goes flat, the rubber is compressed into the ground. You can remove the tires and store your car on blocks or jacks. Alternatively, you can check your tire pressure regularly.
  5. Keep it insured – Just because your car is in Self Storage in Hallam doesn’t mean you don’t no longer need insurance. If you’re going to drive it every now and then (which you should be), you’ll need to maintain your insurance coverage. Insurance will also be beneficial in the unlikely event of theft or vandalism.

It’s far better to keep an unneeded vehicle in Self Storage in Hallam than to try to park it on your street. Keep the above tips in mind to make sure your vehicle is prepared. Contact StoreLocal Hallam to find out more.