Your children’s bedrooms might sometimes look as through a storm ravaged through it. There are probably toys on the floor, clothes on the bed that should to be on hangers in the closet, and books in a pile that need to be on a shelf. With a few simple tips, there are a few ways you can declutter your children’s bedrooms so they’re more organised. Using Self Storage in Kelvin Grove from StoreLocal Newmarket is an easy way to help you get organised.

Involve the kids

When you allow your children to make decisions about what they want to keep and get rid of, they’ll be more inclined to help with the task of organising their room. Items they want to keep but don’t need in their bedrooms can be moved into Self Storage in Kelvin Grove. Other items neither of you need anymore can be sold in a garage sale, donated, or kept for their future younger siblings.

Toys have a home

Explain to your children that their toys and clothes have a home, just like they do. Create ‘homes’ for all their belongings, and clearly label what belongs where. Try and keep similar toys grouped together or next to each other. This will make everything easier to find and easier to tidy up at the end of the day.

The ground up

Seperate the room into sections when you’re decluttering. Tackle one section at a time, like under the bed, the closet, or the bookshelves. If the room is extra cluttered, you might need to spread the process out over several days. This will help stop you and your children from feeling too overwhelmed. As you find items that don’t belong in the room, make a pile outside the door. That way, you create a clear separation between what belongs and what doesn’t. Once you’re finished in the section, go through the pile outside and box up all the things moving to Self Storage in Kelvin Grove. Moving toys and other items into a storage unit gives you enough time to determine what you might want to keep and what you might like to give away or sell.

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