Creating a home entertainment space is a dream for many homeowners. Unfortunately, this dream can sometimes be constrained by budgeting or space issues; however, if you finally have the budget to realise this dream, creating the necessary room may be solvable. Below are five tips, including using Self Storage in Kelvin Grove from StoreLocal Newmarket, to help you declutter your home and free up a place for that home entertainment space you’ve always dreamed about.

  1. Hold a yard sale

Go through every room in your house and do an honest assessment of which things you need, use, and love. Does it collect dust? Is it currently shoved away in the corner? Is it something you rarely use or wear? You can move these items into a ‘for sale’ pile. Once your home has been purged, you can set up a yard sale to make a bit of extra cash from the things you no longer need.

  1. Utilise online marketplaces

Online marketplaces are quickly becoming the yard sales of the future. Many social media platforms have dedicated pages for your local area that allow you to list things for sale or swap, and you can post items to be picked up for free as well. This is a great way to quickly declutter your home and free up space for an entertainment area.

  1. Give to charity

Charity organisations are always in need of things like old trophies, gently worn clothing, books, and furniture. Instead of keeping shelves full of dusty awards and trophies from grade school, consider donating them to be used for fundraising events. For paper awards, you can easily move them into a scrapbook or album. This can be placed on the bookshelf in an organised way.

If you have large pieces of furniture or a significant amount of things to donate, you can contact local organisations. These local organisations might be able to schedule a pickup service at your home.

  1. Rent Self Storage in Kelvin Grove

Some things are too difficult to part with, or they may be needed later on, and if that’s the case, you should consider Self Storage in Kelvin Grove. Renting a storage unit is a great and inexpensive way to store things that are no longer useful to you without getting rid of them entirely. StoreLocal Newmarket offers affordable storage in a variety of sizes, so look into Self Storage in Kelvin Grove if you need to free up a lot of room for your home entertainment space.

  1. Hire a junk removal service

If your stuff isn’t in good enough condition to donate but you don’t want to keep it, you can hire a junk removal company. This is especially helpful if you have furniture or bulky items that you want to have removed. Most companies will quote a price based on what you’re getting rid of, and this can be another inexpensive way to clear out a large area of your home.

If you just need some extra room to create the home entertainment space you’ve always wanted, try these five tips to declutter your home and get that project underway. Looking for Self Storage near me? StoreLocal Newmarket is the answer!