Living in a small apartment often means there’s little room for the furniture and other items you want to keep. Self Storage in Kelvin Grove from StoreLocal Newmarket is an excellent option as you can store larger items you don’t have room for, as well as rotate the furniture and decorations in the apartment so there’s always something different to look at through the year.

Keep your belongings

One of the benefits from using Self Storage in Kelvin Grove is you don’t have to worry about getting rid of the belongings you’ve collected throughout your life. You don’t have to sell your things just to make room for the basics in the apartment. A Self Storage in Kelvin Grove unit offers plenty of space no matter how much you need to store. The StoreLocal Newmarket facility is incredibly secure, with CCTV video surveillance, PIN coded access gates, and back to base monitoring.

An even exchange

With Self Storage in Kelvin Grove, you can exchange your furniture pieces in your home with the ones you’ve kept in your storage unit as frequently as you’d like. This means you can get the look and feel of a new design without spending any more money. Self Storage in Kelvin Grove is also the perfect place to store your holiday decorations.

Tips for Self Storage in Kelvin Grove

Here are a few tips for keeping your items in StoreLocal Newmarket in good condition. Place a rack of some type on the wall for hanging cords and other items that might get lost if they’re in a box. Put larger pieces of furniture against the back of the unit, keeping them separate from the containers and other items. Label all of the boxes you store, organising them by a clear method that’s easy for you to understand. Cover your furniture to protect it from damage and collecting dust. When you stack boxes in the unit, make sure the heavier items are on the bottom.

If you’re moving into a studio apartment soon, contact the team at StoreLocal Newmarket to learn more about your storage options.