For serious collectors, space and security are two important challenges. Regardless of your collection, be it glassware, furniture, coins, electronics or stamps, you’ll always be facing the challenge of wanting to expand it but not having enough room to add new additions. Storing your collection in Self Storage in Narre Warren from StoreLocal Narre Warren gives you the extra space you need to be able to expand your collection.

Self Storage in Narre Warren

StoreLocal Narre Warren offers a variety of storage unit sizes, ranging from small lockers to those large enough to store the contents of a four-bedroom home. The variety of sizes allows you to pick a unit that best suits the storage needs for your collection. If you’re having trouble picking the size you need, you can contact the staff or use the online space calculator for StoreLocal Narre Warren.

Security concerns for Self Storage in Narre Warren

The security of your collection is of the utmost importance, which is why keeping it in Self Storage in Narre Warren is such a good idea. StoreLocal Narre Warren is fit with the latest in security technology, so you should have no doubts about the security of your collection.

If you keep your collection in Self Storage in Narre Warren, it’ll be protected with CCTV surveillance, electronic gates, security fencing and lighting, and alarms, and insurance is available as well. You can rest easy knowing your collection will be better protected at StoreLocal Narre Warren than it would be in your home.

Hours of access

You can access your Self Storage in Narre Warren from 6:o0am to 8:00pm seven days a week, including public holidays, which means you can show off your collection to family and friends outside of business hours.

If you’d like to find out more about storing your collection in Self Storage in Narre Warren, contact StoreLocal Narre Warren today.