If you enjoy opening your home up to guests, you need to make sure you have enough room to house them for the length of their stay. The longer they’re staying, the more room they’re going to need; everyone can manage a smaller space for a short time. If you enjoy hosting guests but need to do a little work to clear enough room for them, Self Storage in Narre Warren from StoreLocal Narre Warren can help.

Choose a guest room

The best place to start your project is to decide which room in your home is the most suitable for guests. You need to ensure the room is installed with the necessary privacy features, including a locking door, and curtains or blinds to cover any windows. Make sure the room is large enough for at least a double bed as well as a few other furniture items, including storage pieces like bookshelves, cupboards, or drawers.

Get organised

You’re probably going to need to do some organising in order to completely prepare the new guest room. There might be some items in the room already; you’ll need to donate, sell, relocate, or move these into Self Storage in Narre Warren. You might have some of the necessary furniture items already, but there also might be a few things you need to purchase. Items like flowers, throw blankets, and candles can make a room feel more cosy, so include these.

Clean everything

Before any guests come and stay, you need to give the guest room a thorough clean. Vacuum or mop the floors, dust all the fixtures, wash the windows, and wipe down all the surfaces. If there are any marks on the walls try and remove these as well. To get the best clean, you should consider moving all the furniture into Self Storage in Narre Warren. Once you’re done cleaning, you should keep the door and windows open to let in some fresh air.

Style the room for guests

Now the room is organised and cleaned, it’s time to start styling the room. Make sure you put fresh sheets on the bed and fresh towels in the room. Stock up the room with pillows, phone chargers, and other necessities. This will help make your guests feel right at home.

It takes a little work to create a fully-functional, cosy guest room, but the payoff can be huge. Now your loved ones know you’ve got a great guest room, they might be more inclined to visit you!

To learn more about how Self Storage in Narre Warren can help you create a great guest room, contact the team of experts at StoreLocal Narre Warren today.