If you’re involved in a local sporting organisation, you know exactly how much work and sacrifice is involved. It takes up a lot of your time, and there’s often no financial payout; you’re doing it because you love it. While you might have to sacrifice a lot of your time, there’s no reason for you to sacrifice any of your storage space at home. Instead, you can use Self Storage in Narre Warren from StoreLocal Narre Warren to store all the gear your local sporting organisation requires. Not only does this free up more space in your home, it also creates a central storage location for the club, and it can be a more efficient and organised storage system.

Create hanging storage for balls

With a few bungee cords and a simple, square frame, you can create some hanging storage for all the balls. This can be especially handy if your Self Storage unit doesn’t have a lot of floor space, or if you need to cram as much in there as possible. You can make this hanging storage to be whatever size you need. You don’t need to limit it to ball storage either; uniforms and other light items can also be stored in here.

Use laundry bags to keep things tidy

If there are any uniforms or protective equipment that needs to be kept in Self Storage in Narre Warren, bring in some laundry bags. Seperate the different items into different bags to keep them organised. Most laundry bags are made with a mesh material, which allows the items inside to breathe. This can help prevent some of the odours associated with sports uniforms. You can also include some moisture absorbing freshness packets to keep things smelling fresh.

Hang things as much as possible

If your sporting organisation has a lot of large items to store, it can be difficult to try and fit everything inside your storage unit. For example, things like goals, fitness equipment, and boxes of items take up a lot of floor space. In these instances, you should take advantage of the unit’s height by hanging things from the ceiling. Add some hooks to the walls and ceilings to hang as many smaller items up as possible.

With Self Storage in Narre Warren from StoreLocal Narre Warren, you and your sporting organisation can be more organised. You also won’t need to sacrifice storage space in your home. Contact the team or book your unit online today.