Some things need a little extra tender loving care during the colder months, and that applies to the things you’re keeping in Self Storage in Newmarket from StoreLocal Newmarket. Here are a few tips to make sure you protect your belongings during the winter season.

Wooden furniture

Disassembling your wooden furniture before you move it into Self Storage in Newmarket will ensure it doesn’t break. Remember to keep all the small parts in a clearly labelled bag nearby so you don’t have to search for them when it comes time to reassemble.

Cleaning and waxing your wooden furniture beforehand will ensure it has the extra moisture it needs to stay protected during the colder months.

When you start packing your Self Storage in Newmarket, store your wooden furniture first so they’re at the back of the unit. While flooding is unlikely, your wooden furniture will be more protected in the back.


If you’re storing any silver, nickel or brass in your Self Storage in Newmarket, it’s important you polish it beforehand to prevent oxidation. Wrapping these metals in packing paper will also protect them from dust and create a barrier from the colder temperatures.

Electronic equipment

If you still have the original packaging, you should consider storing any of your electronic equipment inside it. Fill up the empty spaces in these boxes with foam peanuts or bubble wrap to protect them from breaking.

To protect your electronic equipment further, don’t place it directly on the floor of your Self Storage in Newmarket. Instead, store your delicate electronics on top of any other furniture you’re storing, or use wooden pallets to create a barrier from the cold floors.

Other furniture

To reduce the chances of mould and mildew, you should clean your mattresses, couches and fabric chairs thoroughly before moving them into Self Storage in Newmarket. For extra protection, wipe these surfaces with an antibacterial cleanser.

Allow plenty of time for your furniture to dry before storing it. Before you transport your furniture, you should place a cover over it. You should also keep it covered inside your storage unit.


If you’re ready to pack your Self Storage unit, contact the staff at StoreLocal Newmarket to learn more information about protecting your belongings from the cold.