Having a home office is a great way to stay organised and be productive, but that’s only if you keep it tidy. It’s easy to allow your home office to become more of an oversized closet. Studies have shown a link between the amount of clutter in a room and the amount of stress people feel, so decluttering your home office is more than just tidying up. It’s an investment into the quality of your life. Renting some Self Storage in Northcote from StoreLocal Northcote can make the decluttering process feel less monumental.

Move large items to Self Storage in Northcote

Decluttering a room is a lot easier when there’s plenty of room to move around. With Self Storage in Northcote, you can move all your large furniture items out of your home office and into your storage unit. Moving things like desks, computers, and bookshelves into storage frees up a lot of space in your home office. This will allow you to more easily go through everything in the room.

Empty storage spaces

Empty out all the storage spaces inside your home office, including any drawers, closets, and shelving. It’s easy to move your clutter into these storage spaces so it’s out of sight, but that takes away the valuable storage space for items you actually need. Decluttering your home office doesn’t mean shoving all your bits and bobs out of sight. It means going through everything, and deciding if you actually need that item. As you go through all the items, sort them into piles: the rubbish pile, the donation pile, to keep pile, and the storage pile.

Sort paperwork

Paperwork can create a more cluttered feel in a room. Stacks of papers and documents on a desk can make an otherwise tidy room feel and look unorganised. Carefully go through all the paperwork in your office. Any paper document that you don’t need can be safely discarded. Remember to use a shredder for sensitive information. File all the documents you need to keep in a logical system. While this task may be tedious, it will make a bit difference in the feel and functionality of your room.

Keep rarely used items in Self Storage in Northcote

Once you’ve gone through all the things in your home office, there will be a lot more space available to you. It’s time to bring your furniture back from Self Storage in Northcote, but there’s no need to bring everything back immediately. Now you’ve gotten rid of a lot of the clutter, you might not need to bring all the storage items, like bookshelves and drawers, back into your home office. This will help keep your home office feeling open and minimal.

Boost productivity – declutter your home office today

Trying to be productive when your home office is in disarray is impossible. While decluttering can feel like too big of a task, Self Storage in Northcote can make the process a lot faster and easier than you’re anticipating. If you’re ready to start decluttering your home office, visit StoreLocal Northcote to learn more on the ways Self Storage can help you.