Self Storage in Northcote from StoreLocal Northcote is the perfect storage solution for items of all shapes, sizes, and uses, and it can be used for both personal and business use. Storage units come in a wide variety of sizes, and can be used to store anything from business files to an entire home’s worth of furniture, clothing, appliances, and personal belongings.

When it comes to packing up your boxes for storage, it can be a little overwhelming. Standard boxes can be used to pack clothing, household items, or office supplies. Anything that’s unusually shaped or awkwardly sized, such as mirrors, photograph frames, and electronics, needs to be packed in speciality boxes. There are a wide variety of speciality boxes available, including archive boxes, book boxes, wardrobe boxes, wine bottles, and cartons for fragile items.

When you’re packing your belongings up to be moved into Self Storage in Northcote, here are some guidelines about what can fit in different types of boxes.

Tea chest cartons

This the most versatile or all the available boxes. Tea chest cartons have twin cushioning to help protect breakable items and are suitable for clothing, small appliances, linen, pillows, and kitchen items. A tea chest carton can help about 120 t-shirts or about 380 DVDs. Tea chest cartons are larger than standard boxes, so you need to be careful not to pack them with too much weight that makes them too difficult to carry.

Book boxes

Book boxes are smaller than tea chest cartons, but they’re designed to hold more weight. Book boxes can hold about the 130 small books, or 35 large books. A special insert can transform a book box into the perfect box for wine bottle storage. Book boxes are twin cushioned like tea chest cartons to make them more durable. While they’re designed to store and hold books, book boxes can be used to store a wide variety of items, including shoes, files, or tools. Books can get heavy quickly, so make sure you don’t overpack these boxes so you can still lift them without too much strain.

Wardrobe boxes

There are several sizes available when it comes to wardrobe boxes. The standard port-a-robe is about 108cm high and includes a bar for hanging clothes. Any clothes that shouldn’t be folded, such as suit jackets and formal dresses, can be moved directly from your closet into your wardrobe box. Wardrobe boxes have a fold-down front flap that makes them easy to use. Other lightweight items, such as blankets or pillows, can be packed at the bottom if there’s extra space.

Amenities of Self Storage in Northcote

High-quality Self Storage in Northcote facilities, such as StoreLocal Northcote, offer a number of amenities. Staff can help you estimate the space you need based on items that you describe. You can even use the online space calculator to determine what unit size you need.

If you’re ready to start moving your belongings into storage, contact the staff at StoreLocal Northcote to find out more about your Self Storage in Northcote options.