When you’re preparing to put your house on the market, you’ll probably do some research and uncover the benefits of minimal staging. There’s a tonne of advice about how to make sure your home sells as quickly as possible for the as much money as possible, but there’s one piece of advice that’s usually true. The better your home looks during inspections, the more likely potential buyers are going to be interested. When it comes to minimally staging your home, you need to clear out a lot of your clutter. Self Storage in Northcote from StoreLocal Northcote can help you with this process.

The importance of staging

Potential buyers need to be able to envision themselves and their lives within your home. That’s made a lot more difficult when your home is filled with various personal belongings, including family photos, shoes lying around the floor, and other general messes. These personal belongings also can’t simply be hidden away in your closets or attics –potential buyers will look in those areas as well. By renting Self Storage in Northcote, you’ll have a secure location to store your personal belongings.

Rent Self Storage in Northcote

Write down a list of everything you need to move into you storage unit. This can help you determine what size storage unit you need. The online Space Calculator can also help you determine the  best unit size for your storage needs.

Set the stage

When it’s time to start staging your home, start with the largest items in each room, like the furniture. Try and clear out as many other items as possible, but the furniture should remain. This will help potential buyers see the proper use of the rooms. Leave a bedroom and dresser or bedside table in the bedrooms, the dining table in the dining room, and a desk and office chair in the study. The less personal items in the room, the less cluttered the space will be and the more spacious the room will appear.

Sell your place and move

Now you’ve staged your home, the selling process might happen a lot more quickly than you initially thought. You’ll be glad you’ve already acquired Self Storage in Northcote when you start moving! You might not need to move everything from your unit over to your new house straight away. For example, things like your Christmas decorations can stay in storage until they’re needed. Contact the experts at StoreLocal Northcote to learn more.