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Self Storage in Northcote from StoreLocal Northcote is a good alternative for those looking to start their own business but are unable to rent a commercial warehouse. Storage units provide a whole lot of open storage space in a secure location. It’s also less expensive to rent a storage unit than a commercial warehouse. If you’re just starting your business, take advantage of the benefits of a storage unit.

Online sales

If your business is going to exist in the online world only, Self Storage in Northcote is the perfect storage solution. You can store your inventory in your storage unit to keep some separation from your home and work life. Set up a table with shipping and packaging materials in your storage unit so you can pack orders from inside.


If you’re a writer, you might appreciate having a quiet place to get some work done. You would probably be a lot more productive if you had a secluded spare room in your home.

However, your spare room might be filled with junk and excess items.

With access to a storage unit, you can declutter the spare room and create a dedicated office space in your home. You can create a private, quiet work area, and you can also include other important office equipment for your business.

Second-hand store

For those who like to collect items from markets and garage sales, you should consider renting Self Storage in Northcote. You can use your storage unit to store these items before you sell them at your own second-hand stall. While you cannot make direct sales from your storage unit, you can use it as a staging and storage area. You can also store your other equipment for your second-hand stall in your storage unit, like your marquee, tables, signs, clothes racks, and your cash register.

There are a variety of ways a storage unit can be useful when you’re starting a business. If you’d like to learn more, contact the team at StoreLocal Northcote today.