If you’re about to start university, you’re about to embark on an exciting adventure. You might have to move a long distance away from home, a short distance away from home, or you might not even have to move at all; regardless of your situation, you would benefit from using Self Storage in Preston from StoreLocal Northcote. It would be nice to keep everything you own with you. Unfortunately, that’s probably not realistic. Keeping some of your belongings in storage will save you money, free up some space, and keep your things secure.

Save money

Moving into a new location can be expensive. On of the things that costs the most money is paying someone to move all your things from A to B. The more things you need moved, the more expensive it is. University students need to find affordable solutions, and keeping your belongings in Self Storage in Preston is one way to keep moving costs low.

Protect your things

Moving your belongings into Self Storage in Preston will save you a lot of worry. StoreLocal Northcote has quality security features, including CCTV video surveillance, electronic gates, and security fencing, alarms, and lighting. You can relax knowing your belongings are being protected 24/7.

Free up space

If you’ve moved away for your studies, you’re probably living in a smaller space. You might be living in a dorm, a small apartment, or in a room in a share house. Wherever you’re living, you’re going to have less space to work with. By keeping the majority of your possessions in Self Storage in Preston, you can maximise the living space you have.

Store anything

There are a wide range of storage unit options available at StoreLocal Northcote. Whether you only have a few small items to store, or if you’ve got several large pieces of furniture, there’s a storage unit perfect for your needs.

Being organised and utilising Self Storage in Preston will allow you to become the best student you can be. It will make it a lot easier to focus on your studies with a large, clean study space. Your belongings in Self Storage in Preston will be kept securely. With so many storage unit options, StoreLocal Northcote is the perfect storage solution for university students.