It can be difficult to find a place for your band rehearsals that isn’t opposed to the extra noise. If this has been a problem for your band, you should consider renting some Self Storage in Thornbury from StoreLocal Northcote.

Why consider Self Storage in Thornbury for band rehearsals?

Most cities, including Melbourne, have strict regulations when it comes to playing loud music during certain times of the day. Even without strict regulations, your neighbours (or your parents, if you still live at home) probably wouldn’t be too happy with your band rehearsing on a Sunday morning or late on a Monday night.

Self Storage in Thornbury from StoreLocal Northcote is an ideal solution, as the storage units provide you with plenty of space to move about with your large band equipment.

There are several factors you need to keep in mind when looking for Self Storage in Thornbury to host your band rehearsals.

Access to electricity

Having access to electricity is essential, not only to plug in your electric instruments, but also to ensure you have good lighting. Bring in some lamps to make sure every inch of your unit is well lit.

Additionally, you might like to consider bringing in a portable air conditioner or heater during the warmer or colder months to make your Self Storage in Thornbury as comfortable as possible.

Security and safety

Storing your equipment and instruments in your Self Storage in Thornbury unit in between rehearsals is a great idea, because StoreLocal Northcote has excellent security. With CCTV surveillance, electronic gates, security lighting, security fencing, and alarms, you can relax knowing your band equipment is more protected than it would be at your home. An additional insurance purchase will add an extra layer of protection.

With Self Storage in Thornbury, you don’t need to worry about where you’re going to hold you next band rehearsal. Contact StoreLocal Northcote to find out more.