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Is your house constantly filled with little children running around, causing havoc?  Little ones need their own space, and Self Storage in Thornbury from StoreLocal Northcote can help you create a playroom by providing a place to stash all the stuff crowded into your spare room.

Reclaim unused areas by using Self Storage in Thornbury

Despite your best intentions, sometimes extra rooms don’t become the useful space you envisioned, and spare bedrooms often turn into storage spaces when your kids grow up and move on. Go through everything you have stored in these areas of your home, and transfer anything you don’t particularly need every day into Self Storage in Thornbury. You should also sell, donate or throw away some other items, and you’ll then be left with an empty space just right for a perfect playroom.

Pick cheerful colours

The most fun part of setting up a playroom can be choosing the paints and dressing up the walls with creative designs. Kids love bright, bold shades, so think about how you can create contrast without making the colours too wild. Balance your high-energy shades, such as reds and yellows, with more calming, cool tones, like blues and greens. You can even use wall decals of your kids’ favourite cartoon characters, or use painted dots and stencilled flowers to provide a playful touch.

Make an open space

In a room where your kids will be running wild and generally being silly, you’ll want to have minimal furniture. A kid-sized table with a few chairs and a beanbag chair or two is all you need to make the space comfortable. Lay down a couple of colourful throw rugs with rubber backings to keep them from sliding on hard floors. Any large furniture items are best transferred to your Self Storage in Thornbury.

Rotate toys

A comfortable playroom needs just the right number of toys, but it can be hard not to go overboard. You might have a stockpile of old toys from your older children, or even from when you were a kid, so include a few of those in the playroom. Stash the remaining toys in Self Storage in Thornbury. Every now and again, swap out which toys are available so the kids stay interested, but don’t pack away their favourites!

Stay organised

Once you’ve organised your belongings by putting some toys in Self Storage in Thornbury, keep the momentum going in the playroom. Teach your kids to tidy up after playtime is over by providing them with bins and boxes to store their toys. You can even find storage containers in colours similar to those you decorated the playroom with to keep the room visually appealing. Make sure any storage you bring into the playroom is designed to be stowed out of the way when not in use.


When you move your extra belongings to Self Storage in Thornbury at StoreLocal Northcote, it frees up space to create beautiful play areas for the kids in your life. Stored items are kept secure and safe until the playroom is outgrown. In the meantime, you can enjoy the sound of happy children’s voices and laughter as it brightens up your home