If you’re feeling swamped in your belongings, it’s time to run a garage sale. As well as freeing up some of that extra space you’re desperate for, a garage sale can also bring in a little spending money. To run a successful garage sale, you need to make sure you get everything as organised as possible first. Self Storage in Tweed Heads from StoreLocal Tweed Heads can be very helpful in this process. Keep these other tips in mind to help increase the odds of your success.

Choose a good time

Spring is the most popular time for garage sales because the weather is generally not too hot; however, there’s the potential for more rain during spring, so it’s important you keep an eye on the forecast. Try and choose a long weekend with good weather predictions. There’s usually no point in having your garage sale on during the week, unless you live in an area with very high foot traffic, as the majority of people will look for sales on weekends.

Advertise your sale

Make sure you advertise the dates, times, and address for your garage sale to attract customers. You can create flyers and post them around your neighbourhood. You should also create an event on social media and share it on your personal accounts, as well as in community and neighbourhood groups. Make sure you spread the word in any local community groups you’re involved in, your local kindergarten or primary school, for example. The more people that know about your garage sale, the more things you can potentially sell and the more money you can potentially make.

Organise and price your items

It’s important you move anything not for sale out of your garage. This is where utilising Self Storage in Tweed Heads comes in handy. With a secure and separated storage location, you can move everything not for sale out of the way without disrupting the rest of your home. If there are a lot of things to sell, you could consider using your storage unit as a staging area, where you can sort through and price all the items. It’s tempting to think you’ll simply haggle with everyone who wants to buy something, but that creates a lot of pressure. Having a price on every item creates a starting point for negotiations.

Prepare the yard

You’ll be glad you’re using Self Storage in Tweed Heads when it comes time to prepare your garage and yard. With the space already cleared out, you’ll have all the room you need to arrange tables and racks away from the elements. If the weather is good, consider moving some items out into your front yard or driveway. Designate an area for transactions, and make sure someone’s manning it all the time.

If you’re ready to start preparing for your garage sale, contact the team at StoreLocal Tweed Heads today.