If you already own your own home, it’s likely it’s your most valuable asset. A home is no small purchase, and many people spend years saving enough money to buy a home. Because of this, it’s important to keep your home in the best condition so it retains its top value. If you’re thinking about moving or if you just want to maximise your investment, these tips to add instant value to your home are worth considering. Important, Self Storage in Wilston from StoreLocal Newmarket can help you with the third tip, decluttering.

Invest in cosmetic upgrades

This is a good place to start since it’s easy and inexpensive. Most homes that look drab do so because of small reasons. Maybe the paint is too bland. Perhaps the carpet has seen better days. If you take the time to invest in these cosmetic faults, you can dramatically improve the overall appearance of your home. These upgrades can include paint colours, flooring, window treatments, light fixtures, hardware, and more. Even tweaking the room with new throw pillows and updated decor can have a powerful impact on your home’s value.

Give it some curb appeal

The fixes should not be limited to the interior of your home. The value of your home is judged the instant people arrive outside. Therefore, don’t neglect your outdoor spaces. Work on adding curb appeal to your home. Clear out overgrown shrubs, and trim the trees. Consider doing some simple landscaping with bright flowers and rich greens. You could even create outdoor sitting or living areas to enhance its value.

Reduce your clutter with Self Storage in Wilston

Everyone accumulates stuff, but when that stuff becomes too prominent in your living spaces, it can limit your home’s value. Take some time to go through your things. Get rid of old clothes, and eliminate items you haven’t used in years. Important areas to look are in your closets, cupboards and other storage areas. However, also look at your furniture. Are there pieces you don’t use? While you can consider donating some of these items, you should also think about Self Storage in Wilston as an alternative. Using Self Storage in Wilston is an excellent way to clear out your home without getting rid of your beloved belongings.

Finish repair projects

Every home, whether it’s new or old, has a few things that need to be repaired. You might need to fix a broken cabinet door, or you may need to replace a cracked window. Maybe there’s a light that doesn’t work or a ding in your wall. In daily life, these problems don’t cause any trouble; however, they can negatively affect the value of your home. For a quick enhancement, take a weekend to tackle these projects. Fixing these small things can make your home more functional, more attractive, and more valuable.

These four tips are just the start. You should consider the ones that are most applicable to your home and your lifestyle. If clutter is your biggest problem, then use Self Storage in Wilston from StoreLocal Newmarket to declutter. If your home is rundown, start your repairs now. Even the smallest fixes can have a big impact on the value of your home.