If you need to store some excess furniture, Self Storage in Wilston from StoreLocal Newmarket offers great protection against moisture, theft, mould, mildew, and other perils. In order to give your furniture the best protection, however, you need to prepare your furniture first. The following tips will help you prepare your furniture so you have nothing to worry about.

Prepare your furniture for long-term storage

Clean your furniture well before placing items in storage, and apply a coat of furniture polish or wax to wood surfaces. This preparation will help to prevent mould, mildew, and water damage.

If you’re storing couches, it’s especially important you clean in between the cushions and eliminate any food scraps to prevent pests.

Check for leaks in appliances such as refrigerators, freezers and washers. Clean refrigerators and freezers with vinegar and baking soda, and remove the doors or prop them open to eliminate off-putting odours and mildew.

Cover the floor of the storage unit

Place a tarp or sheet on the floor before moving any furniture inside. This promotes airflow and protects your furniture from scratches as it gets moved around.

Disassemble any bulky items.

Partially or fully disassembling your furniture makes it easier to move and store. This will also save space in your Self Storage in Wilston. Place any screws, hinges, bolts, locks, and keys in a sealed plastic bag, and tape the bag securely to the furniture or box.

Protect your delicate and antique items. Wrap them in bubble wrap or packing paper, and use sturdy boxes stuffed with packing peanuts or other soft filler material.

Label any boxes, and keep an inventory sheet

No matter how good your memory, you’ll forget where things are after a few months or years. Labelling boxed items and keeping a master inventory sheet will help you locate the items you need. Arrange items according to seasonal use.

Pack appliances, mirrors and electronics with care

Store any valuable electronics in their original packages if possible as they’re designed to protect the sensitive items. Furniture items that contain glass or mirrors should be boxed, protected by filler materials, and marked with a ‘fragile’ warning signs.

Place your furniture strategically

Store bulky and more heavy items on the bottom, and lighter items on the top. You should try to plan your storage and direct the loading and unloading of your truck and unit to keep items from falling, tearing, and damaging delicate items. Balancing how you stack items is critical for safety and the security of your possessions.

Cover each item

The safest practice for storing furniture is to cover each item with white cotton sheets. This provides an extra layer of protection, and dark-coloured sheets or covers could discolour your furniture if moisture gets into the unit.

Your long-term Self Storage in Wilston strategy can make the difference between keeping your furniture safe and usable and losing treasured pierces to environmental damage. Keep your items in good working order by preparing them for storage carefully. Your furniture will stay in better condition for resale, reuse, or for gifts to others who need to furnish a home or flat.

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