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Living in a house automatically means accumulating items you do not really need to keep. When you live in a house, you have extra room to store all the books you bought at book sales and the knickknacks you found at garage sales. Whether the reason for downsizing from a house to an apartment is to save money or to practice living a minimalist lifestyle, storage in Newmarket makes the process a simple experience.

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Sort Things to Keep & Things to Put into Newmarket Self Storage



Make a list including all of your possessions several months before the day of your move is to take place. Use an app on your mobile phone or, better yet, write down every item you own on a piece of paper. Make two columns. One column represents the items that enable you to have your own special identity. Do not part with the things that identify your unique personality.

Keep the items that serve as memories for past achievements. You do not want to toss the recommendation letter you received from a college professor who urged you to develop your gifts. You may want to keep photographs, journals, letters, antiques, furniture and some books. If you are a musician, you need to keep your guitar or piano.

Getting rid of items you do not need is almost a spiritual experience once you get over the initial shock. For instance, you probably do not need to keep all those old magazine issues for future reference. You can always look up the same information via online websites. You may want to invest in a good paper shredder with a motor that switches off when overloaded.

First, prepare yourself. Looking at all the bank statements and other useless documents you managed to accumulate over the years is a shocking experience. It may take several days, or perhaps weeks, to shred all the documents you do not really need to keep. Shred all the papers that are now nothing more than historical artefacts unless the items are valuable documents autographed by famous authors or historical figures.


How to find a Newmarket Storage Unit


After you make a decision about which items to keep and those to throw away, make a list of the items to put into storage in Newmarket. When preparing to move from a house to an apartment, a storage facility is the answer to your dreams. Use the storage facility to store furniture, musical instruments, clothes and books. Storing your items makes the move an easier process.

Once you eliminate all the items you do not need, and store the items you are not going to take with you right away, the only thing left to do is to move the items you want to keep. You can retrieve the items stored in the storage in Newmarket once you are settled into your apartment. If the apartment is small, consider your option to continue storing some items in the storage in Newmarket.