Want to call StoreLocal Newmarket, but not sure if it is right for you? Are you looking to store your property, and you’re looking at storage facilities? Have you ever wondered what Self Storage is all about? Then read this…

What is Self Storage?

Self Storage is short for ‘self-service storage’ and in the United States it is often referred to as ‘mini storage’. The Self Storage industry is one in which storage space is rented to customers, usually on a month by month basis.

Self Storage Facilities

Self Storage facilities in Australia are normally a steel windowless partitioned box with a large secure metal roller door, usually about the same size as a one-car garage door to enable cars, boats and caravans to enter the storage area. Sizes range from locker size right up to commercial sizes from 3 metres wide and 12 metres deep, and can even include outdoor space in some facilities.

Some Self Storage facilities offer additional headroom, but on average they are about 2.4 metres high. Most Self Storage facilities also include lights and power outlets inside each storage area.

Personal or Business

Self Storage can be used for personal or business purposes. Individuals most commonly use Self Storage facilities for household goods, whereas businesses may choose to store excess inventory or archived records. Self Storage is an ideal way to temporarily store personal items while you deal with a lifestyle transition such as moving house, marriage, divorce, retirement or death in the family.

Self Storage is most popular in the United States with recent figures claiming that one in ten United States households now rent a Self Storage unit. Self Storage is relatively new to Australia but the trend has caught on quickly, and new Self Storage units are being constructed all the time.

Only Pay for What You Need

One of the main benefits of Self Storage over a traditional commercial warehouse agreement is the flexibility of the storage arrangements. Customers pay only for the amount of time that they need (usually paid in advance on a monthly basis) and can arrange to upsize or downsize as their needs change.

You’re in Control

As the name suggests, customers have the flexibility to move their own goods into the Self Storage facility. Removalists can be hired to take care of the moving and storing, but either way, you know exactly what you’ve got in there and that it’s been moved in safety.

Possibly the most attractive benefit of a Self Storage unit over traditional warehouse space, is that Self Storage facilities are secured by the customer’s own lock and key. Customers have the freedom to access their stored items as often as they like without incurring additional fees. The staff at the facility do not have access to the contents of the rented space – in fact, no one even knows what you are storing, and your personal details are always kept confidential.

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