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When it comes to moving overseas, Australia is one of the most popular destinations. The beautiful natural environments coupled with the tropical climate make Australia a desirable location to call home. While moving overseas can be incredibly stressful, there are a few tools at your disposal that can make your transition a little easier. One of these tools is Self Storage in Northcote from StoreLocal Northcote. Here are a few other tips to help you get started on your international journey.

Secure accommodation

Before you arrive in Australia, you’re going to want to secure some accommodation. This doesn’t need to be your new permanent address; it can be temporary while you search for an appropriate home. If you’re able to temporarily stay with friends or family, you can save yourself a little bit of money; however, there are plenty of accomodation options in Australia, such as hotels, hostels, or other services like Airbnb.

Get organised if bringing pets

If you have pets you want to move to Australia with you, you’re going to need to put some time and effort into planning this well in advance. There are lots of restrictive regulations in place when bringing animals like cats and dogs into Australia, so make sure you understand these rules well.

Copy your paperwork

Moving overseas requires a whole lot of paperwork. There are so many forms you need to get in order, such has your Visa, your travel insurance, passport, and forms of official identification, like your birth certificate. If you need to request these documents from various government bodies, make sure you get the ball rolling as quickly as you can.

There will also be other paperwork you need to go through to cancel some of the services and utilities you’ll no longer need. This could include your gym membership, public transport card, or television subscriptions.

Move your belongings into Self Storage in Northcote

Unless you have your permanent address ready before you move across the globe, you’re probably not going to have enough space to store all your belongings straight away. While you probably won’t be moving all of your possessions overseas, there will still be plenty of items you do need to move with you. These items can be moved into Self Storage in Northcote until you’re ready to unpack them in your permanent address.

If you’re preparing for your move to Australia, contact the team of storage experts at StoreLocal Northcote¬†today to learn more about the ways Self Storage can help you.