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Achieving a clean home in just one weekend is very possible and feasible. All you need is a good plan to start off and a lot of motivation! Here are a few tips for effectively cleaning your home from Self Storage Rockhampton. Start on Friday night by making plans for your kids to either be away from your home or occupied. Prepare your children for the transition of decluttering the home and tidying up. There will be a change in minimalising our unused goods to either donation, storage or trash. Set up labelled boxes or areas in your home to place those items.


On Friday night, it’s a great time to spray your oven with oven cleaner and let it sit overnight. This will give the cleaner time to break down grease and stains while avoiding scrubbing.

On Saturday, wake up with a motivation to get things done. As soon as your feet hit the floor, strip the sheets off the bed and throw them in the washing machine. Even if you leave making the bed until later, this will give you a sense of motivation and accomplishment. Once you have dressed yourself, eaten a good breakfast and prepared yourself for the day then you can get to work. Start by wiping down your oven.

cleaning oven

Now it is time to divide the areas of your home you want to accomplish. I recommend starting with the bedrooms and bathrooms. Clean out closets of unnecessary clothing or items. Now it’s time to dust, wipe mirrors. and light fixtures, make the bed and vacuum the floors. Keep switching laundry as needed. You can fold later in the evening. If you need to immediately hang clothing so it doesn’t get wrinkled or lay clothing on the bed, then do so. You can fold while watching a movie and get the help of your significant other during the evening hours.

Then move into the bathrooms. Remove unused items from the cupboards and decide to either throw away the item in the trash, send to storage or donate. Now it’s time to clean and tidy. Clean and scrub shower, throw away empty bottles of toiletries, wipe mirrors and counter tops, clean toilet, vacuum and mop floors, wash matts and replace fresh towels.

cleaning cupboard

You can feel free to take a break for the day and continue your cleaning and organising another day. Take away and remove all trash to give you a fresh start for Sunday.

To finish off your weekend full of cleaning and organising, start by decluttering items in your living room. Remove all trash and select all items that will need to either go in storage or donated. Now it’s time to clean! Wipe down and dust all hard surfaces including, coffee tables, tv, picture frames, etc. If needed, you can also vacuum the couch and under cushions. Vacuum the floors and mop if needed. Wipe down all glass doors, window and mirrors.

Moving into the kitchen, start by decluttering items for trash, donation and storage. Clean and organise all dishes, wipe down counters and appliances, sweep and mop floors, wipe glass doors and windows. This is also a great time to plan meals for the week, pack lunches and create a schedule for the following week. Include family members in the preparation of the week ahead. Have children pack lunches and contribute to meal ideas for the week. Review the schedule for the week so that each family member understands and is prepared for upcoming events and appointments.

cleaning with kids

Sunday evening is also a great time to drop off trash and donation items. All items that are not frequently used on a monthly basis can be stored at a local storage unit.

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