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Everyone has a little hobby or a skill that they are good at, so why not capitalise on it by turning it into a home business? Whether it’s sewing, writing, photography or even gardening, there are lots of hobbies that you could be making extra money from. Here are a few ideas from StoreLocal Self Storage Thomastown.

Freelance Writing

If you are great at writing why not start offering your services as a freelancer? Lots of businesses are in need of content, whether it’s blog writing for a website, writing copy for brochures or fliers or even writing memos and internal documents, there is lots of freelance work on offer in this field. What’ even better is with a job like this you have the ability to work from anywhere across the globe. As long as you have a steady internet connection you can work from anywhere!

 Handy Man

If you are a carpenter, plumber, electrician, or are part of another trade, becoming a handyman is a perfect way to bring in extra money for your household. Handymen are in high demand and most people prefer the option of paying cash in hand for work which means you can keep every cent. If you want to expand your tool-set and work for yourself, you cans tore all your tools in StoreLocal Self Storage Thomastown.

Sell Trinkets

Whether you’re into sewing scarves and slippers, beading little animals or making jewellery, there is a market for everything on websites such as Etsy and gumtree. The best part is that you get to work from home! Sit back on the couch and bead or sew away while buyers line up and put their orders in online. You would be surprised to see how in demand handcraftedGard goods are!


Gardening is a job that every house requires which means there is s big market out there for lawn mowing and gardening services. Whether it’s for people in rentals who don’t own gardening equipment or for holiday houses that require weekly mowing despite rarely being used, there are lots of opportunities. If you want to start lawn mowing services for some additional funds but don’t have adequate space to store the equipment, use Self Storage Thomastown.